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Live making bubble bath cookies

Thank you for joining me live today! If you haven’t already please subcribe to my channel for other great videos and live stream classes. Here is the recipe I have to correct myself. I used 2% in this particular recipe instead of the 1.5% below. This batch makes 227 grams or 8 oz.
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Purpose INGREDIENT % Amt. In Batch
Base Baking Soda (Sodium Bi-Carbonate) 44.2 100.334
surfactant Triple The Bubbles Surfactant Blend 20 45.4
Hardener Cream of Tartar 12 27.24
Humectant Gycerin 5 11.35
Base Tapioca starch 10 22.7
Solubilizer Poly Sugamulse d9 3.5 7.945
Fragrance Fragrance Oil or Essential Oil 1.5 3.405
Moisture water 3.5 7.945
thickener sodium alginate 0.25 0.5675
color color qs 0 0
chelating edta 0.05 0.1135

I rounded up on most of these numbers with this recipe to make it easier. That is the beauty of this recipe/formulation is that you can round. If you find that it is took moist due to humidity take away from the water a touch. If you find that it is too dry you can add a few drops of water not too much because as you mix it together it will become dough like and moist enough usually. The longer you take to mess with it though it can start to dry out.
If you change out the ingredients to other ingredients you may not have the same end product.
Thanks again for making this channel possible
~Miss Doyle

Original of the video here

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