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Levi’s No Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

we’re making no baked cookies thatingredients are 2 cups of sugar 1/2 acup of sugar cocoa cocoa 1 cup of milk 1stick of butter a tablespoon of vanillasalt 1/2 a cup of peanut butterin rolled oats so first you got tocombine sugar cocoa and milk and butterinto a large of sauce then cook a mediumheat until one mixture starts to boilfor 1 minute add it add vanilla saltpeanut butter and oatsstir then drop but drop by tablespoonsinto wax paper let’s let it stand untilfirm all right let’s go that’s how youdo itlet’s do it ok[Music][Music]don’t worry I wash my hands one stick ofbutter next that’d be okay slow andsteady wins the race worse honey that’sabout good not a cup good nightso life lessonyeah leftist did you know look at gentlethe better stumping 2043 taco looks goodjust like my armpit slow and steady doesnot win this race this time this time ofBooker I don’t know what it looks likebut my knowledge says looking awesomecareful careful are you sure you’reready it hasn’t but it hasn’t boiled fora minute yetin your muscles wait for one minute soexciting five six seven eighthey stinkyall right let’s light it up baby slideoverokay and let’s add what hopefully thisis no it’s great to not playing whatthat’s the last time okayvery delicatelyyou guys fill that whole thing upI do ran out no I’m wearing out a pinchI can’t pinch it okay take a pinch ofthat and put it in sprinkle it aroundgood job that’s it no not two pinches noa little bit moreokay now take the spoon and scoop itinto here no no no no scoop out what’sin that into here so you take this andyou’re going to scoop using the spoonwhat do you think about this wholecoronavirus thing Levi any words ofwisdom I’m panicking you’re panickingyes think about some things never changeare you Olaf so never Jay oats or nextany bunches of oats so you don’t haveany words of wisdom for people with outthere who are scared about thecoronavirus great greatthat’s it my job here is doneso where’s your cups yepso why don’t we hold up hold up oh I’mso genius is it fullokay there’s onetwinkle twinkle we edit elfing sprinkleshow’s it smellyesalso known as kind of sugary cocoa memilky buttery Fanelli you salty peanutbutter tea the mixtures ready we justnow need to put it on waxwhat does wax paper is it it is downthere to light it down[Music]my first balllike that yeahlooks like a cookie mm-hmmtell me if it looks bad we’ll need toknowjust got silent I like it that way eventhough I’m not that time you make Levi’ssignature no bake cookies

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