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I got bored so I started recording😐…

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]no I don’t yet know I’m gonna make someno there are some at home workoutsright well that’s so it’s still creating[Music]new stick those extra cookiemm yeah you can put the whole rap inthis onehey I was gonna I’m gonna see how longit said to leave it in there no I meanlike how how many minutes all right soit’s 104 how long do we leave it inthere forall right bake cookies twelve so it’s104 big brain mass and yeah so twelveminutessixteen someone sixteen is is way overhere I was eating noodles in guys notdrink liquor this is it’s it’s bad Ohlittle bar yeah this is where peoplecome in oh yeah I forgot to mention thehouse got upgraded see look look at theupgrade you see all the upgrades look wegot a little family room dirty littlesection right here random bathroom so ifour deal didn’t work I was covering theside of the tab wait so we got we gotmore stuff to put it’s still notcompletely done we just have like twoand a half out of the three fours donethe basement floors still not donebecausethey have to add carpet and like acarpet and stuff yeah oh yes you alreadyknow what time it is I do not play onyour xboxwait oh good my grandpa has a scufcontroller I didn’t know he had a stuffguitar there’s like grippy stuff on theback that’s cool the seizure sectionprobably cut your fingers off if you wasyou don’t have supervision say hello toour very dirty room all right just aboutlike 12 more minutes and maybe eight Ihonestly don’t know what to do right nowyou like a minute before I thinkwhat is this guy doing all right wellanyway these people wonder for I knowit’s growing a virus season but come onlike you can’t always fun so yeah I atesome noodles and I was checking on youoh yestime is flying by look at this ifthey’re turning secular minutes for fourminutes three raining and these cookieswill be here that shit’ll bow all rightguys I I don’t really cut my nails allright do not judge me you’re gonna bethe reflection hey how’s it goingfinally done good I’m okaysafety safety first[Music][Music]look at how thick the size of my palmthat is but that is the size of my palmthere’s like three really huge onesdang something even combined togetheralrightthese two were a shame look at how is itfinally ready okay alright guys bad newsI just pooped on the cookies they arenot done at least one of them cookedfinally right I’m gonna try to face thesee howdyall right herereally soft really really sharpmeasuring just bopping me you’re reallysoft touch like this like look at itI’ve been trying to tap it that hardbro it’s just tearing apart is he evendone yeah dude is not cooking[Applause][Music]

20 Replies to “(Late upload)FAILED TO MAKE COOKIES

  1. Yay another video this is making me feel like normal being in the house all day. Sending love from the uk. Stay safe

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  3. You all are such a sweet family. So many of the other family YouTubers are fake and only do stuff for the views but you all are lovely and real people. Keep making great content!

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  6. I’m in quarantine alone I haven’t seen another human in 10 days. Your videos are helping me keep busy I’ve gone back and watched some of the older ones but I’ve been watching for a few years now so Ive pretty much watched them all Thanks so much

  7. Megans reaction to the “souper good” comment is my type of humor. LOL. Where did you get the huge blue stock pot from?

  8. I was out of cornmeal the other day and wanted to make cornbread I had just finished watching your vlog saying you have ground popcorn into cornmeal so I tried it and it was the best cornbread I have had. My picky eater gave it a 12/10 so I will be making more. Thank you for helping me think outside the box. I aso ground wheat this week from food storage o inherited from my grandparents.

  9. @ 2:45 when you were talking about Eve, I said to myself “I’m not alone”! My son sounds exactly the same. Also before he falls asleep at night he sneezes about 3x.

  10. I love all of Megan’s different hairstyles, they are all pretty. Tip for cookies (or most anything you cook on a sheet): Use parchment paper, they never burn and clean up is really easy (I bake a lot and learned this from Martha Stewart!) I enjoy all your videos. Stay safe everyone!

  11. This just made me hungry for soup and I don’t even really like soup . . . I’m loving the daily vlogs!

  12. IM SCREAMING THIS BECAUSE YOU NEED TO READ THIS…ORDER THE ..Vidalia chop wizard…it will change your soup life!!!! Also excellent on ALL veggies you make for a salad…OMWORD. 20 bucks!

  13. Please don’t use essential oils in your food. Oregano is great & easy to grow & buy. While it’s certainly good for you… essential oils oregano or any other will not, keep you healthy or prevent you from contacting covid-19 or any other virus.

  14. When your kids have problems with mucus cut back on the cheese and the cows milk for a month. That usually helps my sinuses too. If they really want cereal, almond milk is a substitute till the mucus clears up.

  15. Thank you for keeping us entertained. I am alone at home due to the covid19. And because I have cancer I am not willing to even chance a grocery store. These make me smile and forget about being sick. Thank you again. And God Bless you all.

  16. Isn’t it weird how we feel the need to explain every cough and sneeze right now? Let’s face it people are still getting regular colds and it will soon be allergy season too.

  17. I never knew that about tomato’s, live and learn woohoo!! I can almost smell that chicken soup!! Thanks!!

  18. I love to watch Megan cook… I’ve been watching her old cooking videos all day today, even back from the RV days 🙂

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