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//Pinwheel Cookies:
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup vegan butter
1/2 tsp vanilla
2/3 cup rice flour
1-2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/8 tsp baking powder
pinch salt

//Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies:
1 cup peanut flour (or almond flour)
2 heaped tbsp peanut butter
2 heaped tbsp corn syrup
1/2 tsp vanilla
pinch salt

//Chocolate Chip Chia Oat Cookies:
1 cup gluten-free oats
vegan chocolate chips
1 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsp vegetable oil
2 tbsp flaxseed
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/4 tsp salt
1/8 tsp baking powder

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Video Transcription

so I promised a few friends back homeand SC that I would ship them sometreats to make them happy and gleefuland cheerful those are three synonymsyou’re welcomefriends always keeping those brainschurning anyways I just wanted to makehim happy so I thought it’d be fun if Imade them some pinwheel cookies Icouldn’t make them chocolate chip butthat’s kind of been there done that Icould make them oh meal raisin but whatkind of gift is that I could make thempeanut butter but peanut butter is notto be found anywhere in grocery storescurrently so why not make them somefunky fresh unique with a cave pinwheelcookies yeah okaythat’s all that I have to say about thatso without further adieu pity doo-dahday skippity doo-dah day how does thatsong go that’s a really good songwithout further ado let’s just dump thatup don’t jump into it did you see mejump that was a real jump it wasn’t afake jump it was a real really good jumpwe’re gonna keep things simple we’regonna keep things fun easy breezybeautiful todaywatch it girl you’re gonna need a thirdcup of your choice vegan butter this isjust the drugs that I have left so we’regonna use up the rest of it say goodbyeto this cartoon of vegan butter you’veserved it well okay we need a cream matwith 1/4 cup of brown sugar[Music]okay friends next it is time to add ourflourwell flour my buns and call me a biscuitcuz I’m flaky bitch actually I am a veryfull flaky personit’s one of my downfalls it’s one of thereasons I’m really not a great friendwe’re gonna add a city of salty as thatshiz a mere eight teaspoon haha a bakingpowder and that’s it for this bowl okayso first let’s let’s mix okay now I needto add half of its into a new bowl thatlooks about half and then to our new funBowl we’re gonna add a tablespoon ofcocoa powder Loco Coco Dollar blink andguess what we’re gonna do it one moretime we’re gonna mix once more I knowthis is the most exciting recipe videoyou’ve ever watched I know it is don’tlie to me oh well hello there andwelcome to the voice-over portion ofthis video it’s a pleasure Dollfaceafter I mixed the batter together I thenpressed it onto parchment paper to forma rectangle now if you were a pastrychef this is where you would use arolling pin but I am NOT a pastry chefhey I’m not even a chef I’m just amediocre home cook who likes to dothings the unconventional way so that’swhat I did my pinwheel cookie actuallyturned out pretty swell i layered thechocolate bit onto the vanilla bit andthen rolled it up again not in theconventional way then I thought it’d befun to roll it in some sprinkles andhonestly I highly suggest thesesprinkles elevated the dish to a wholenew levelafter that I popped him in the freezerso they would get nice and hard loggedand then I cut them up into the littlepinwheel cookies and placed them on theparchment paper which was also on abaking tray then I shaked my butt orshook my but that’s a past tenseverb goodbye are these not cute thesenot the cutest cookies you ever did seeno there’s there’s probably cutercookies out there but I mean they lookpretty good I keep focusing on that onebecause that one clearly looks the bestbut like not too shabby just gonna puthim in this cute little they fit I’mslightly surprised I’m definitely goingto make my friends more than just thesecookies but this is a good start so I’mgonna pop them in the freezer so theycan stay nice and fresh until I decideto send them hopefully FedEx or UPS orwhoever the hell mail stuff is stillopenanother day another cookie recipe todaywe are gonna make some super duper easypeanut butter cookies using peanutbutter peanut flour and not much elseyes we will be using sweetener I’m notan insane person actually yes I am butwe are into using sweeteners so yeahlet’s hop the Appa tea why can Inot save words the way most people saywords in a normal way I don’t need toalways make some weird we’re gonna hopinto it like an actual normal humanbeing which I am I promise you pinkyswear yeah I wouldn’t I wouldn’t pinkyswear me eitherif I was you okay we’re gonna start with3/4 cup of peanut flour if you don’thave peanut flour it’s not a normalthing to have you could just use almondflouryou could also experiment with otherkind of flowers that I cannot attest tothose flowers working so do stuff atyour own discretion I’m not your momhalf cup three fourths okaywe’ll add a scrabble death ellipsewaddles battle see this is what I’mtalking about I didn’t mean for thosewords to come out of my mouth like thatbut they did they just did and I’m sorryI apologize it’s Who I amit’s what I’d be two heaped tablespoonsof peanut butter this is a brand new assjar if I can open it oh my god I didn’teven snap that was really sad I’m gonnajust drop all the oily fits in thereget out you oily bitches man this issome good creamy peanut butter babymmm it’s good stuff oh it’s not so goodwhat’s your favorite nut butter leave mea comment below I’m curious let’s starta debate as previously stated -sunflower seed butter if you want tobecome a patreon and maybe you canbecome a sunflower seed butter if you’reconfused by what I’m talking aboutjust check out my link below okay let’smove on to the next ingredient shall wetwo fat tablespoons of corn syrup youcan use whatever kind of syrup suitsyour fancy you could use Aunt Jemimafake maple syrup you could use realmaple syrup you could extract syrup froma maple tree if you’re feeling extralet’s do like a quarter teaspoon ofvanillayes I’m aware the framing of this videois long excellentmwah chefs kiss but sometimes it be likethat let’s stir this ish together andsee if we need to add anything else yeahso good so good so good oh let’s getourselves a wee bit of parchment papernot the kind that monks used to use backin the day to write scripts no you wantthe modern kind of freshmen people thekind that is bakeable oven friendly ifyou will all right let’s ball thesebabies I’m a baller you’re a ballerwe’re ballers let’s all ball hard[Music]better than you expected huh yeah me too[Music]if I could give myself a gold staryou know his heck I would they’re thatperfect golden brown on the bottom supercute and funky fresh on top hell yeahsee you tomorrow for the final day ofcookie baking cookie baking cookiewhipping that’ll be funsomeone help I’m trying too hard daythree I really wasn’t sure what thisvideo would be when I started recordingit and now I think I’m just doing threeeasy breezy beautiful One Bowl cookierecipes but you already knew thatbecause you’ve been watching this videoand you uh saw the title today is gonnabe our final form though we’re makingsome oatmeal chocolate chip cookies andthey might be the easiest and briziastovall so if you’re ready we’re justgonna hop into it except we’ve alreadybeen hopping into it because this ispart three of the videoyou’ve already been watching two-thirdsof it okay I’m gonna boom do thatI’m gonna do that let’s make this onebold recipe of success opeewe’re gonna do things the crazy waywe’re gonna start with our wetingredients and that’s because we needto make a flax egg so you need to getyourself some flax need a tablespoon ofit and then to that you need threetablespoons of water and we’re gonnastart by mixing itwhile that is gelatinizing doing itsthinglet’s go gather our other ingredientswell uh well I’m actually gonna gatherthem without you so I’m sorry for notincluding you and that but it’s notexciting you didn’t want to be a food aways now that our flax egg hasgelatinize that literally took like oneminute we can go ahead and add our otherwet ingredients by the way on theoutside I might look like a sunshine buton the inside I’m crippling withdepression so yayso now we’re gonna add just a half acapful of vanilla delightful threetablespoons of oil your choice oil justmake sure it is wet aka not solid akanot coconut oil at room temperatureyou’re gonna want some melted coconutoil and those are our wet ingredients sogiven those is sirand your mixture should look somethinglike thisyou’re not appetizing in the slightestbit either my link will Anil assaultlike so and then add 1/4 cup of brownsugar if you’re a fancy ho and canafford a coconut sugar you could alsouse that but I’m not a fancy ho and I amcheap so I’m using brown sugar which isway more affordable and we’re gonna do aheaped fourth cup of thatand then and there you’ve gotten me acup of oats see if I can get this stuffout with one hand without spillingeverywhere I don’t know that I canfourth cup 1/2 cup we’re gonna add in alittle teeny bit fourth teaspoon ofbaking powder not cocaine and thenfinally some vegan chocolate chipsshittiest ASMR ever did here mmm yousmell so goodI love chocolate look at those chips canyou smell that oh my god they smell sogoodway to go squad now we just need to mixthis ish together I’m gonna add a tinybit more flats because our cookies looklike they need to be bound more so justanother quarter tablespoon oh my goshwait a second you know would be a reallygood addition into this recipe somejuicies official recipe below is abouthalf a tablespoon of chia seeds we’llcall these our health cookies and letthat make sure just hang out for a secso that everything can kind of bindtogether since there was like no flourin this recipe yeah be right back Co andwe’re back let’s cookie these Snooki’sup does anybody remember Snooki what anicon I never watchedJersey Shore but maybe that was what wasmissing for my adolescence probably notat allcookieand elevenses is me and my baby got arelationship[Music]let’s see if we can get these off thewhat is this called parchment paper trayyeah oh my godthese turned out like actually waybetter than I thought they would noflour needed crispy but actually stilllike nice and soft and probably chewygood breakfast cookie these aredefinitely the under dog of the videosmash like for underdogs smash like forvegan hot dogs smash like fur Randy onAmerican Idol sang dog can I get an F inthe chat for American Idol thanks thanksa lotTay Starbucks latte up in the chat firstStarbucks which is closed right now canwe just get an F in the chat for Americaand also Europe and also Asia and anyother continent out there because I’m adummy and don’t know all the continentsactually maybe I you I don’t know I’mnot about to take a geography test so itdoesn’t matter but I don’t want to be anuneducated privileged white person whichI freaking am this is turning reallydark really quietquack-quack-quack I’m a duck way to gous good job guys to be honest I couldnot have done it without you so thankyou for all of your Crom rodder in thisprocess and yes I did sacrum robbery I’mfeeling a little crummy right now soblinkie doing hey thanks for watchingthis video this is my official outroyou’ve made it super far and I wouldlike to commend you for that I ain’t gotmuch else to say I can’t even grammarright now sogoodbye xoxoI’m not Gossip Girl Gossip Girls waycoolerdamn photobooth be kind of cool though[Music][Music]

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