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Kids Kitchen: Sprinkle Sugar Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi everybody welcome back to kidskitchenI’m chef McGee this is my daughterClaire and today what are we making[Music]sprinkles we have we had sprinkles onhand if you don’t have sprinkles on handyou could do any anything else fun andwanted to in there but so before we getstarted let’s talk about a few thingspull your hair back if you’ve got longhair and wash your hands so make sureright now especially it’s important thatwe have our hands wash right yep do weboth watch your hands yeah we did allright this is a pretty quick cookierecipe it comes together really quickand I think its ingredients everyoneshould have on hand and I’ll give yousome substitutions for things that youmay not have that you could usethere’s Claire help me measure out allthese ingredients before we started andI think I recommend doing that it makesbaking a whole lot easier and cookingand everything to have all theingredients out first so should we getstarted yeah let’s do it okay so we’regonna start by creaming the butter andthe sugar together so do you want to goahead and put the butter in thisKitchenAid mixer if you don’t have aKitchenAid mixer you can use just ahandheld mixer that’s fine if you don’thave that you can do it by hand we’regonna put the sugar in so go ahead andpour the sugar and this is aboutthree-quarters of a cup of sugar andthat was one stick of butter and we’reusing a vegan butter it’s Earth Balanceyou could also use regular butter if youhave that at home so we’re gonna startby creaming this butter and with thesugar and we’re gonna let it go for acouple of minutes when you let that gothe sugar creates air pocketsessentially in the butter and it givesyou a lighter and fluffier cookie soagain you can do a hand mixer or just doit by hand and you’ll just won’t get asfluffy of a cookie so you want to startthis alright so go ahead and put it on ahigh speed so maybe likewe’ll turn it off once in a while andscrape down the sides absolutely it’sthe kids kitchen of course she should bedoing it you can’t on myselfshe just scrape down the sides so thatwe’re making sure that all of that’sgetting mixed in with the sugar butter Iknow what did you say when it was tooloud for people to hear that smells allright let’s turn it back on for anotherminute or so alright that’s looking niceand light and fluffy that was probably 2or 3 minutes so the next thing we’regonna do I cook and bake vegan that’spart of my blog and so I’m going to usea flax egg in here and that is 1tablespoon of flax and 3 tablespoons ofwater you could also definitely just usea regular large egg in here like achicken egg in there so either one willwork just fine so we made this beforewhen we were prepping the ingredientsand just let it sit for about 10 minutesand now it’s kind of thick and viscouslike a nectar soall right then we’ll turn it on againand about like a six like a medium-highwill scrape down the sides again andthen we’ll let it go another minute orso turn it on again for another minuteor soTribeca all rightthe next thing we’re gonna add is theflour we’re using like an all-purposegluten-free flour mix but you can alsouse just regular old all-purpose flourthese either one moron and we’re alsogoing to add before we turn that onwe’re going to add some salt and somebaking powder so add those on in youhelp you don’t better all theseingredients didn’t you I did a great jobit’s great to have your kids helpmeasure things let’s what bullet room ison a low speed and just mix it until itgets so that next for about thirtyseconds or so it just came together as adough like a typical cookie dough yeahthe last thing we’re gonna add is mm-hmmdid you taste any of those sprinkles andwe’re requiring[Music]all right so let’s give these anotherquick stir to incorporate those[Music]all right so we’ve got sprinkles allmixed in there can you put it down youknow your go ahead and taste the battersyeah yeah if you’re using real eggsdon’t taste the batter because you knowyou can get really sick from eggs rightso how is it good awesome so when makingthese we’re gonna bake them at 350 I sayyou can buy partridges in the roll or ibuy them any sheets that are just as bigas a sheet pan i highly recommend usingit and nothing sticks to parchment paperand I use them for everything and use itfor everything so I’ll throw a link tosome parchment paper about in Amazon ifthat’s something you’re interested in soso next or the other thing I like to usewhen I’m making cookies is a cookiescoop this is about I think it’s atablespoon and a half and they make justa perfect sized cookie we’re gonnaspread these a couple inches apart onhere and Claire’s going to show you howto scoop itso do we want a nice even scoop or do wewant a big scoop like that even yeah andwhy don’t we let them even do yourememberso they bake they bake evenly that’sright these are all different sizesthey’ll bake at different rates so it’sgood to different times so it’s good tohave them all the same size that’s why Ilove a cookie scoop but you could alsojust use a spoon or something like that[Music]okay alright so we’ll do these maybe 1/2so if your cookies scoops get sticky youcan just stick the scoop in some waterso just stick it in there and squeeze ita few times to get some of that debrisoff there there you go and then theyshould just slip right off so if you ifit’s been kind of sticky while you’remaking it you’re scooping it just to getin a little bit of water you don’t Clarelook at those perfect little round ballsall evenly spaced so and this will makeit’ll probably make about 16 cookies sowe’ll need two trays of them so we’llstick these in the oven for about 11 to13 minutes depending on your oven andthen we’ll show you what they look likewhen they come out okay well thesecookies have been in for about 13minutes let’s check them and see howthey look kids Heather your parents getthings in and out of the oven I meandepending on your age that makes adifference but we don’t do the oven yetthose little short arms are hard toreach in and out of there look at thesecookiesit looks awesome new but how do theysmell no it is not way better yeahthey’re kind of aromatic aren’t safe Ican’t wait to taste them but we gottalet them cool a little bitso I recommend letting these cool on thesheet her I don’t know five minutes ifyou can if you can stand it put him onthe wire rack and then I’m cool a littlebit more they’re a little bit crumbly atfirst so just just let them cool alittle bit on the rack or on a sheet panbefore you take them off what else do wehave to say to them have a nice day ifyou have any other recipes you’d like toseelet us know and you can find more thisrecipe printout of this recipe and lotsof other recipes on alternative dishcalm and I guess what that will say goodbye bye thanks for joining us today

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