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Video Transcription

hi guys my name is r.j. and today I’mgoing to show you how to make no bakecookies I’ve readied with the butter inand the cocoa powder and milk in so nowI’m going to add all the sugar and thenI’m gonna start it up to mediummedium-high got this I’m good at thisand mix until it’s all melted and goodlymixture and this is my first time makingyoutube videos so no objections it mightbe pretty bad so okay bettergo from now that so when you put allthat in stir constantly once butter ismelted let the pot boil for one minuteokay what the heck broyou realize thisokay once it starts boiling remove fromstove and then add peanut butter andvanilla add add peanut butter andvanillaso we’ve now set it for 34 minutes nopeone minute and so yeah this is its wehave like 24 seconds in yes and you juststart until the time it goes off andthen once that’s done you are at peanutbutter and vanilla – up to the- up to that blue bowl right there – tothis – this right here and then also thepeanut butterand and don’t forget there’s no bakersso we’re doing this just you should keepstirring until all the peanut butter isin well keep stirringokay now now since now since all thepeanut butter is almost in weed then wethen add oats to a separates movablewell first we stir all the peanut butterand then really fastwell not you don’t have to do it fastElizabethagain this is my first time I’m not verygoodthis is my first youtube video so OhJack don’t so after that is stirredafter it stirred then you’re then gonnaadd oats to the blue bowl right thereand now now we need now we’re going toadd this all this I’m gonna use twohands for thisoh sorry I’m not good at cooking hold itover the bowl all over the book it’s infull our date you’re dripping out of thebowl that’s me okay okayput it down okaynow that you’ve done that you stir stirstir stir now that go now that isthoroughly mixed together we’re nowgonna get a spoon and scoop it and putit on the trip this is not glob four oneach row maybe five six I mean you knowyou add add as much as you want just I’mI’m not qualified me oh my gosh it lookslike poop with corn in it sorry makingfunny jokesI’ve been wanting to make a youtubevideo since I was four years old so yeahsorry No so just I’m it looks like poorhorribly like somebody is I don’t knowhe’s you know fill up the book bothtrazan you know yeah just to do withyour cookies[Music]I have I also have a very great filmershe’s been she’s been helping me a lotwith this stuff yeah and now next time Imake a video I’ll just be like oh yeahsorry this is taking a really long timeso basically I when I first startedcooking my I I made a quesadilla thatwas a very first thing I for me when Iwas little and now I just cookoh I’m oh sorryso yeah I was four years seven years alittle back when I first made a caseyeah my first very food I did on my ownand now I’m 11 years old and I’m makingcookies so they make like eggs orsomething but and baking but okay butthat’s as much as we could out there nowafter that place cookie oh yeah putfridge for put in fridge for 30 minutesand then enjoy okay okay now put them on30 minutes of them if I couldcut out sorry we don’t have edits herewhere do we put the other one got itit’s got a little cookie stain on itright okay now close the fridge and waitfor 30 minutes until it’s done and enjoyokay cookies are done now to take themout of the fridge and now after thisthink I’ve burnt the chocolate a littlebit but kids wash your dishes whenyou’re done and eat your vegetables umdon’t forget to subscribe bye

9 Replies to “Intro/No Bake Cookies

  1. I will always be a fan! Your amazing sooo happy to see a new video! You’ve just inspired me to go make myself something fancy!

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  3. The more likes the more YouTube pushes this video can we get it to a 1000 views by next week, just a little goal thank you guys

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