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How to Make the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies | Cooking w/ G Muffin | The Adventure Buddies

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What’s Up Adventure Buddies?!

G Muffin here again, back with another cooking episode! Today we will be baking Chocolate Chip Cookies, thanks to our friend Connor who recommended we make these cookies for this video!

Be sure to comment down below what we should cook up for you next!

1.5 Cups Flour
1 Tsp of Baking Soda
.5 Tsp of Salt
6 Tsp of Sugar
.5 Cups of Brown Sugar
.5 Cups of Melted Butter
1 Egg
.5 Tsp of Vanilla
2.5 Cups of Chocolate Chips

Bake Time: 10-13 mins @ 350F


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Video Transcription

everybody wash your handswhat’s up eventually is welcome back tocooking with g muffin and this week’svideo we are gonna be cooking chocolatechip cookies but before we get startedlike qb8 show here we dedicated thisvideo for our friend on her colin whosaid his favorite cookie is chocolatechip so we decided to make it thanks momfirst I’ve gotta preheat the oven to 350first you add one and a half cups offlour[Music]next we add one teaspoon of baking soda[Music]next you out 1/2 teaspoon of salt familystir it all back next we’re gonna add 6teaspoons of sugar[Music]then you get your second button and youcannot 1/2 cup of brown sugar[Music]now for our half cup of melted butterbut be careful it might be high[Music]now it’s time to stir it[Music]now we’re gonna add an egg and a halfteaspoon[Music]now let’s stir it all upnow my materials[Music]now let’s get to a quarter of chocolatechips[Music]now let’s stir this up that’s a set ofchocolate chips you’re gonna be poor allrightyeah sugar now get out our cooking spraynow get a spoon and start making littleballs of cookie dough[Music]now so I’m gonna put it into the ovenfor 10 to 13 minutes[Music]Alessa set the timer for 13 minutes it’stime to wash the dishes[Music]and you say you’d already[Music]thanks for watching cooking with Gmuffin things Connor Colin this one’sfor you is remember life’s an adventurewho are you going on it with who you’regoing on with where’s everybody well Iguess all these are for me[Music]you[Music]

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