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How To make the BEST chocolate chip cookies 🍪

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Video Transcription

as welcome back to Brendan’s cheer forlife Jen we sure know how to make thebest chocolate chip cookies Everagethey’re made from scratch plus only atiny bit of help from your parents hopeyou guys are having a wonderful day likeand subscribe and let’s get started[Music]Under the Sun[Music]which is consult before chocolate chipsfirst I wanna do is preheat oven to 350degrees let make sure your butter iskind of melted before you add it interrible the first thing you want to dois add our butter once that’s add it inyou want to add half a cup of whitesugar if you want to do is add 1/4 cuppacked light brown sugar step you willwant to do is add one teaspoon ofvanilla last I’m gonna do before mixingit with your reader is adding one eggand the beat of your mixture on mediumuntil it all is mixed up it sits likethis put in one and a half cups ofall-purpose flour carefully mix themixture with this spoon if we beat it onone step is adding 1/2 teaspoon ofbaking soda now add 1/4 teaspoon of saltmix the mixture on three last step isadding 3/4 cups of chocolate chips mixwith hands or spoon as wellyour batter looks about like this it’stime to put them on the tray I don’tknow the amount of cookies you’ll bemaking because it’s your choice of howlittle or how big they are once put themin for about 9 to 10 minutes this is howmy first batch came out the reason whyit looks so thick is because I didn’tpush them down make sure to push em downa little bit before you put them in theoven my mom did the second batch and shepushed them down reallyenjoy your cookies[Music]

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