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Homemade jam cookies | Let’s Cook

These are the simple and delicious homemade jam cookies which can be easily made with the basic ingredient available at our home.

Hope you guys love it❤

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Video Transcription

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19 Replies to “Homemade jam cookies | Let’s Cook

  1. Very interesting. I’m thinking of making it my own with some cheddar cheese in it and some flaky salt on top instead of the sugar Yum!

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  3. I’ve been enjoying your videos even MORE now. It helps to know we are ALL in the same boat. Thank you for continuing to record and the “what’s in our cupboard, pandemic edition” is awesome. šŸ™‚ Stay safe and healthy!

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  6. My mind immediately jumps to putting rosemary in these. Or using sourdough. I may or may not have excess of both.

  7. I’ll definitely will make those when this pandemic is over, I can think of variations as well I’d like to try, but I won’t try them now because it would be a bad idea since I wouldn’t be able to share…….

  8. Great video as always. Bit random, but I wanted to mention I really like your mortar and pestle. Never seen one like that. Neat design. Thanks for all the great ideas to try while Iā€™m locked down.

  9. What do you think of oat flour being a suitable substitute in this recipe, and also using ghee (which has a different water ratio), since it lasts longer and maybe more available in times like this.

  10. Thanks for watching Everyone! We hope you’re all safe and healthy. The recipe is in the Description Box – Click ‘Show More’. These are great cookies! don’t be afraid of the spices, but you could make these with any spice, or no spice at all!

  11. I saw on Instagram that you found some flour. It’s the little things in life! These look really fun. I never considered using coriander in a cookie.

  12. These would be great with a bit of jam sandwiched between them. Like a slightly less fussy Linzer cookie.

  13. These look really good! And the tip about the rice flour is really useful, since the wheat flour section has been empty but the specialty flour section has barely been touched.

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