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How To Make The Best Cannabis Sugar Cookies | Good Eats #38 | Bassdropkeys

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Video Transcription

[Music]what’s good base drop militia base dropkeys here I’m your friendly neighborhoodNegro and welcome to another episode ofgood eats in today’s episode I’m gonnashow you how to make canna sugar cookieslet’s go ahead and get into it here wego guys alright so if you’re wanting theexact measurements of this recipe allyou have to do is click the link that’sin the description it’ll take you to myfood blog good eats for 20 Calm it’lltake you through the recipe and I’llgive you the exact measurements ofeverything what you’re gonna do righthere is we’re going to start by puttingour flour our baking soda and our bakingpowder into a small bowl use the whiskmix it up a little bit and we’re goingto set that aside we’ll go back today injust a second oh I forgot to tell youthat you want to pre-heat your oven to375 degrees pre-heat your oven to 375degrees in another Bowl what you want todo is you want to take your butter nowthis is softened butter it is veryimportant that it’s all the way softenmake sure that it’s all the way softenednow if you want to really medicate thisup you can use Canon butter but we’reusing brick lip butter right here takeyour butter take your sugar I’m usingcan of sugar and regular white sugar aswell going to put that in and we’regonna cream that together until it’ssmooth and together once that happenswe’re going to beat in egg one egg andwe’re gonna beat in our vanilla so putyour egg in put your vanilla in and goahead and beat that up now we’re gonnagradually blend in our dry ingredientsremember we put there flour baking sodaand baking powder to the side grab thatand gradually start beating in your dryingredients until you have them all inand it’s about this consistency righthere once you have that done you’regoing to take your cooking sheets do notgrease them understand do not greasethem there’s no need to grease them atall and what you’re gonna do is you’regonna use a teaspoon and you’re gonnause the teaspoon in order to measure itout roll it up or roll it around in yourhands and then place it on your cookingsheet you want to give it a little spacebecause you already know that it isgonna expand now depending on your ovenyou’re gonna bake this eight to tenminutes for me I had to bake it aroundtwelve about twelve minutestwelve and a half minutes to get itwhere it needs to be it’s gonna be eightto ten minutes for twelve minutes oruntil golden you know when they’re donewhenever they’re golden you’re gonna letthem stand on the cookie sheet for aboutyou know two-three minutes let them cooldown and then you’re gonna move themover to the wire rack and let them coolfor you know three or four minutes justlet them cool down and then once theycool down you can move them to a plateor what-have-you and you know get readyto serve them up so that’s itthis is a pretty straightforward recipehomemade can of sugar cookies now let mejust say this just like with all of myrecipes if you don’t want to medicatethis if you want to make some greatcookies with your kids use regularbutter like you see me using use all theregular sugar don’t use any kind ofsugar and you will make some great veryeasy sugar cookies these are great theytaste amazingthey’re soft on the inside and likecrunchy on the outside I really lovethem this is probably one of the bestones that I that I’ve done I reallyenjoyed these a whole lot so I hope thatthis video helped you but thank you guysonce again I really appreciate each andevery one of you until next time guyspeace and good eats[Music]

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