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How to make PB cookies

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Video Transcription

hello I’m Abby from Abby’s reel and I’mgoing to show you how to bake peanutbutter cookies so first I’m going totake peanut butter and going to put usea spoon and put a cup full in to theballso let’s shuffle this stuff there’s lotsof peanut butter now it’s going to be alittle hard to scoop sticky peanutbutter into this Cup so I would just tryto slide it off each time you get somepeanut butter and just keep on trying toget it in and it’s okay if there’s someon the spin and before you do thisremember to keep the oven to 325 hmmthis peanut butter looks very deliciousso three years ago actually I did thevideos and I haven’t been on the YouTubechannel since and I think this is agreat time to do some YouTube videos ami right so it’s almost failed I justneed a few more now I think we’re good[Music]so I got a few more bits of peanutbutter you left and I should get thoseout and then it would be Oh[Music]okay I think that’s good right and thereso I put some sugar in here and I’m justgoing to hold it up gently and put itright in and if there’s some left justput it like that they’re all the sugarsand this is what it looks like so farnow I’m going to put the egg in now I’mgoing to be very very gentle when I putthis end so I’ll crack hard but a littlesoftly so and we’re going to and thenwe’ll crack it very gently and open itup and make sure there’s no egg shellsin there they’re perfect and I’ll justput this in the sink and now this iswhat it looks like all together it’sperfect I’m going to mix it nowokay now we’re going to put roll theseand put them on this big pan so we’regoing to get some and about maybe 2inches apart you could do 4 or 4 downthat would make 16 but it would be likethe most would be four you should do andfour would be good at the side so let’sroll one this is a beauty let’s put thefirst one down and if you want when theyare all done you could move them any wayyou would like one time I made thesecookies I had made a little tiny hurtwith one of them they were pretty coollet’s roll that one and I think I shouldjust do three for now oh yeah just threeit’d be good and let’s roll this one ifit looks a little big then just take alittle bit end put that very close tothat one like a columnI know this is crazy but math does usein baking – this one’s a little too bignow let’s roll this one this is actuallycoming out very very good and if youhave extras you can put the extras andother cookies if they’re not big enoughor if they’re not big enoughlet’s roll roll roll that down and let’sroll this one it’s actually coming upfaster than I thought let’s put this onethere oh this one’s not mine death visitso you can see that there’s almost thisis almost doneso we should be almost finished nowokay now I’m going to flap them with anew clean shiny four so I’m going topress them down very gently not too hardor not too soft and we’ll do it each waya little hard they’re happy that’s goodand we’ll do it to each cookie verygently and very hard but not too hardI’ll do it to each cookie one at a timeand we should make sure that they’re notgoing to spread out too thin some of thecookies are a little big so they’regoing to be bigger than the others butthat’s okaya little bit bigger the cookie thebigger the bite and I need a littlecookie right there just for me because Ilove little cookies they’re so cuteokay now I done all the cookies andthey’re all ready for the ovenso let’s put them in okay now thecookies are in the oven and ready to be[Music][Music]nine eight seven six five the cookiesare going to be cooling for five minutesand they’re going to just sit there andI’ll just wait for five minutes sothey’re nice and cool for me to eatthe cookies are ready and ready to eatthey’re scrumptious now if you like thisvideo then bake these cookies at home[Music]

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