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How to make home-made eggless cookies with Slesha

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Video Transcription

hello friends and welcome to anothervideo today I’ll be showing you how tomake homemade eggless cookies place yourball onto your table now take somepowdered sugarI have grinded it into inner waxy thicknormal spoon and put fine spoons ofpowdered sugar into aboutnow take some butterI prefer unsalted butter but I didn’thave so I’m putting salted butter nowyou can start mixing it after you mix ityou need to start doing it with yourhandthis is how it looks now you can takesome flour but three by four cup offlour into a bowlput two pinches of baking powder intoyour bowl now take some vanilla essenceand put two drops of it into your bowl[Music]now start mixing it after mixing it witha spatula you can start mixing it withyour handafter your five to ten minutes you canadd some milk after it looks somethinglike thisshape it into the form of a doorafter doing this punch your dope quite afew timesnow you can shape your dough into theform of cookies you can also shape yourcookies with a shaper roller cookiesdough into a ballyou can pre-heat your oven for nine 190degrees for 10 minutes now put analuminium foil on your tray put somebutter paper on your aluminium foilthis will prevent from burning placeyour cookies on the butter paper I haveplaced some chocolate chip cookies for achocolaty taste now you can put yourcookies into the oven for 10 minutes[Music]this is how it looks like amazing thankyou for watching and please like shareand comment bye bye

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