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How to Make Funfetti Cookies- Soft and Delicious for Everyone to Enjoy

Funfetti cookies are fun to make and delicious to eat. In this video, Karli will teach you how to make cookies out of your cake mix. So good!!
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2:35- Where to buy colorful sprinkles

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Video Transcription

funfetti cake but what about fun funnycookies yepyou can make cookies out of that cakemix and they are absolutely deliciouslet me show you howwhat does of you guys it is Carly hereand you are officially cooking withCarly today we’re doing funfetti cookieswe’re going to dr. up a boxed sprinklecake mix and make them into giant chewymouth-wateringly delicious cookies thefirst thing we’re going to do is creamtogether butter and sugar we have 1/2cup of each here this is salted butterif you have unsalted butter you’re feelfree to use that you’ll just want to addlike a pinch of salt to the mix when youadd in our flour later on granulatedsugar going into the bowl let’s creamthis we’re going cream it for one minute[Music]now let’s add the liquid into the doughbatter now let’s add the liquid into ourcookie dough we have a teaspoon ofvanilla and two eggs let’s mix thattogether and cream it until it’s niceand smooth next goes in the cake mix sowe’re using a sprinkle cake mix and downto your question yes this will work tomake cookies with any cake mix like redvelvet mm-hmm yep gonna work so cake mixgoes in and a little extra all-purposeflour it will be slightly sticky but itshouldn’t be too sticky you should stillbe able to roll into a ball we did alarger Bowl for this everything is allmixed together now I’m going to use alittle spatula here to get the dough outof the beaters and then my favorite partextra sprinkles because I have to tellyou I’m a firm believer in sprinkles andthat sprinkles make everything happierand everything better and so this isdefinitely optional but I always addextra sprinkles so extra sprinkles goingin I’m just going to fold the extrasprinkles into the cookie dough here anda lot of people ask me where I findsprinkles that don’t have the brownsprinkle in there so these are just allreally bright colors you can find them acouple places you can get them onlineyou can find them at Hobby Lobby and youcan actually find them at your localgrocery store bakery sometimes we’llsell them go into the bakery where you’dlike order a cake and ask them if theyhave sprinkles and if they’ll sell yousomething and guess what they’reactually a lot cheaper there too hey ifyou like sprinkles as much as Iapparently do and I’m guessing if you’rehere watching this video you probablylike sprinkles do me a favor and hit thelike button and the subscribeeducation bell all the love for you ifyou do it for me have you ever madecookies out of a cake mix before if youhave comment down below and let me knowwhat kind of cake mix you’ve used andwhat your favorite is I’m always tryingnew cake mixes this is so easy that youjust kind of try them allnow that our cookie dough is ready it istime to scoop them up and get them inthe oven now I promised nice big thickcookies right so I’m going to use boomOHin the dishwasher I’m going to use mycookie scoop here and actually doublescoop the cookies I’ll show you whatthat means let me go grab a cookie sheetI don’t get to scoop in we want anungreased cookie sheet for our cookiesso two double scoop we are going toscoop once scooped twice and go directlyon top of our first scoop and push downand release the scoop so we have doublethe dough there this is a number fiftyscoop I purchase it on Amazon it’s aboutone and a half tablespoons worth ofdough so now we have three tablespoonsworth of dough in our cookie you guys Iput those two close togetherthese cookies will spread a bit so youwant to space them apart a little bit soI generally will put two one two andthen one so we have six cookies to acookie sheet this is when having aconvection function on your oven comesin very handy so you can cook multipletrays at one time okay I’m going tocontinue scooping up a couple more pansand toss these in the oven oh and Ishould tell you it’s 350 degrees for anine to eleven minutes you don’t wantthem to turn brown you definitely wantthem to spread and then the tops theywon’t be glossy anymore they will lookdone and that’s your cue to pull themout of the oventhis recipe will make 12 large cookiesnow if you don’t want them so large youcan definitely just use one scoop thenyou’ll have two dozen 24 our cookies aredone they’re out of the oven they’vebeen cooling on the pan for three or sominutes and now it’s time to take themoff that hot pan put them on the coolingrack and let them cool with some we’repatient enough let’s go grab them herethey are the cookies I’m so excited Ineed a spatula the reason why we allowthe cookies to cool on the pan for threeto five minutes before putting them onthe cooling rack is so that they so thatthey can actually continue cooking ifyou think about it your pan is still hotit doesn’t cool down immediately afteryou take it out of the oven so yourcookies will continue baking on this hotcookie sheet which is exactly what wewant let’s get a close-up here cameramanas you can see our cookie dough hasspread nicely we have the thick chewyCenter and it is spread out to the nicecrispy edges when we break this in halfyou can see how chewy and gooey andmoist and delicious it is now there youhave it the most deliciousfunfetti cookie recipe ever don’t justdo the ones on the back of the box I’mserious a little added extra ingredientsin here make these absolutely to die forI’m gonna go ahead and eat one of thesesince I haven’t eaten breakfast todayone bite

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