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chocolate cookies|bakery style chocolate cookies|How to make chocolate cookies

chocolate cookies
2.sugar powder
4.coco powder
5.baking powder

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Video Transcription

hello welcome to cooking healthy todaylet’s prepare some chocolate cookieslet’s start at first we will take about1/2 cup of butter to this add about 1/2cup of regular powdered sugar[Music]was good as well for about five minutes[Music]the lip-balm sirnice light butter[Music]yes now to this let’s add about 1/2 cupof all-purpose flour[Music]next course 1/2 tablespoon of cocoapowderand half tablespoon of baking powder[Music]mix all those ingredients well[Music]just make such to your fingers don’tneed[Music][Music][Music]is now it as well combinedlet’s make some eats out of this cooltake a portion of that make a small ballshapeand then gently restlessstart adding it on a baking traysince the cookies traces a but thereshould be a gap in between[Music]next leveltopdesk cookies with them shoplift chips[Music]this is my homemade chocolate chips novideo length is available in thedescription boxplease check the recipe[Music]you can even add some chocolate chips inthe dough itself but since it getsmixed up with the dough I’m just toppingit up[Music]now this is ready to go into the picketand 180 degree Celsius for about 15 to20 minutes[Music]we serve a year the Beast has turned outwell[Music]they’ll check the crispiness of thisstutters but flat but yet plus B yes thechapel is are ready now

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