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How to Make Easy Edible Cookie Dough with Olivia Crouppen | Tastemade LIVE

Learn how to make easy edible cookie dough with holistic chef & culinary producer, Olivia Crouppen.

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Video Transcription

I think we’re alive I’m not sure if youguys are with me but assuming that we’reall good I wanted to say hello welcomeI am olivia crouppen i’ll give everyonea couple more minutes to join hello Ihope that everybody is staying safe andwell at home I wanted to introducemyself again I’m Olivia Pippin I am thefounder of Lib hungry and I am aholistic chef and culinary producer andtoday I’m going to show you how to makepotentially the easiest recipe of alltime I’m going to show you how to makean edible cookie dough and I’m alsogoing to show you how to use all kindsof ingredients you’ve probably alreadygot on hand to make this work withouthaving to go to the store so I thinkthat we should get right into it I willgive you guys a little update about thisrecipe it’s really more of a ratio thana recipe so this is going to be oneratio that you can use with alldifferent kinds of ingredients so justlike any other cookie dough you’re gonnastart out by creaming together at yourfat and your sugar or your fat in yoursweetener in this case so for your fatyou can use coconut oil you can usebutter you could use ghee or you coulduse nut butter so I’m gonna start outwith a little bit of cashew butter whyam I even cashew butter because for mecashew butter is something I have onhand one number two it’s a neutralflavor and it’s gonna add a lot ofrichness so if you’ve got like a peanutbutter or almond butter that’s a greatoption and if you can’t do not keep thetotally go in with tahini that’s anothergreat fat to start out with so I’m juststarting out in my bowl with that was1/4 cup of creamy cashew butter butagain you can use coconut oil butterghee or any other nut butter alright sonow we’re going to be moving on to oursweetener so typically you would use asugar but for me I don’t have sugar Iknow and I’m a bakerso I have honey and I have agave and Ihave maple syrup so I’m gonna be goingin with a little bit of maple syrup I’mgoing to use 1/4 cup of maple syrup andthis is what’s gonna add in thatsweetness so it feel free to usewhatever you’ve got and this is alreadylooking tasty there’s no way that thisisn’t gonna be good so let me see let mesee that make sure you would have gothere in my bowl so here’s what it lookslike I got my creamy cashew butter andmy maple syrup and now all I’m gonna dois whisk this together and you’re notreally looking to get an airing any airin there all you’re looking to do isjust combine these two and look ithappens in like two secondsand this is what’s gonna act as the baseof our edible cookie dough and there yougo you can see it came together soquickly and what’s crazy is we arehalfway through this recipe you arehalfway to edible cookie dough so nowI’m going to do is we’re going to add inour dry ingredients now I don’t knowabout you but flour is a little bit hardto find right now and flour is actuallynot something that you really want toeat raw usually if you make an ediblecookie dough with regular flour like anall-purpose flour you have to heat treatit but in this recipe what we’re goingto be using is a little bit of almondflour and this is one cup of almondflour and I know you’re like oh withalmond flour I don’t have that wellguess what almond flour is literallyjust almonds that have been ground intolike a fine powder and if you havealmonds or if you can get your hands onsome almond all you got to do is popthis in your food processor or yourmagic bullet or whatever and get it intothis powder and then you have youromelets lower and you can also use anyother nut you can use pecan times youcan please pass shoes cashew flour bedelicious walnut flour go crazy so we’vegot thecreamy cashew butter which we creamedtogether with the maple syrup and thenwe’ve got the almond flour which nowwe’ve learned is really just groundalmonds and now we’re gonna go in withanother kind of flour and I’m going tobe using a little bit of coconut flourand just like the almond flour coconutflour is literally just coconut that hasbeen shredded also into the powder yousee if you guys can see yeah so if youhave shredded coconut you can grind thatup and make your coconut flour oralternatively you can totally leave itout I do want to tell you though why Ilike to use coconut flourI like to use coconut flour because itabsorbs liquid differently than the nutflour and what that does is it kind oflike makes friends with the nut butterand maple syrup and it kind of adds as afudgy Ness that I find to be veryauthentic to actual cookie dough so youcan find it great if you can’t find ittotally fine no worriesand now what I’m going to do is we’regoing to to knit our mixture and itmight sound funny to season a baked footor sweet but just like you would seasonlike a stir fry you’ve got to add someextra stuff in there that’s going tocreate like depth of flavorso obviously salt knead I’m gonna go inwith probably like a 1/2 teaspoon ofsalt and if you like that kind of likesweet salty thing you can add a littlebit more and now I’m going to add alittle bit of vanilla extract now Ithink again vanilla extract salt theselittle additions they’re reallyimportant because they’re what’s gonnamake it not just taste sweet there’sgonna be a guy like depth of flavor it’snot gonna be just like a OneNote cookiedough it’s gonna be like a complexcookie dough you feel meso and that was about two teaspoons andI don’t know I don’t know why but Ialways measure it into my cap you knowdon’t use what you got make it work andthen I have a little bit of almondextract you might not have almondextract but if you do Ireally like to use this and anythingthat’s like cookie dough flavor becausefor some reason I feel like this kind ofmakes all the difference but again itdon’t have it leave it out but I’m justgonna do a the tiniest bit probably like1/4 of teaspoon of almond extractbecause it’s very strong you don’t wantit to take over you want it to just likebe in the background there so I hope youguys can see this is just like so simpleit’s a joke right and what’s also coolabout this recipe I’ll tell you a littlebit about it while I’m mixing thistogether so you can see trynna Julia I’mjust mixing this until it comes togetherand it’s gonna look just like actualcookie dough but what I was gonna say itwas really cool is you can actually bakethis as well so if you want to make abatch and you want to eat it as yourcookie dough and then you get over ityou’re like you know what I want somecookies you don’t have to start againyou can just use this dough and after Itell you what else we’re going to put inhere I’ll give you the fake x and allthat information so check that outhello like it’s 12:30 in the afternoonbut I think I’m having cookie dough forlunch right so that already cametogether and it’s like a super nicedough let me see if I can show you boomokay it’s like really sticky it’s likerich looking we love it now what we’regoing to do is we’re gonna add anobviously the best part of any cookiedough and while I’m doing that I’ll alsotell you other things that you can dothis works like pimp out your cookiedough so I’m gonna use a little bit ofchopped chocolate this is probably afourth a cup of chocolate that I justcut into really big chunks I love chunksbut if you’ve got chips feel free chipsand then because we’re on taste made andbecause we’re live I was thinking Ishould go wild and I should make thislike some kind of monster cookie kitchensink scenario and I also thought thiswould be a good way to show you guys tocut like how to use what else you mighthave so I have oats let’s see let me getyou a visual I don’t know if you can seeI’ve got oats I have got posted peanutslet’s see I’m gonna do my best here I’vegot oats toastedand then down there in the bottom thatis some dried cherries that I’ve choppedup so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonnaadd all that into the base of the cookiedough so again we’ve got like our baseand I have that really nice like vanillaII salty sweet thing going on and thenwe have chocolate chunks we’ve gotoatmealwe’ve got toasted salted peanuts anddried cherries and then I found this andthis is like a little fun sized thing ofM&Ms that I found when I was getting mystuff together and honestly I probablyhave this same from Halloween and thisjust goes to show that whatever you haveyou can add into a cookie dough soreally like go wild if you’re like alemon and blueberry person make it lemonand blueberry Adam is squeezed lemonjuice and add in fresh blueberries ifyou’re like an oval Basin person gooatmeal basin what else would be reallynice I love the idea of like dates andnuts and like coconut would be reallynice so yeah feel free to make this yourown add in whatever you have I want toshow you what mine looks like right nowhellolook at that whenever there’s M&Msinvolved like I’m I’m there for it soall I’m gonna do is mix this alltogethermake sure I hope that you guys can seeand for those of you who are justjoining maybe I should preface myself myname is Olivia I’m Olivia proven and thefounder of lip Humphrey and today I’vejust shown you guys how to make possiblythe easiest recipe of all time and it’san edible cookie dough recipe that canalso be baked so there’s lots ofversatility here so the cookie dough isactually done check it out look at thatI mean oh so exciting and before I wrapup I just want to say a few thingsnumber one I think it’s importantespecially now to get yourself a nicelittle survey dish you’ve got yourselfsomething nice that you want to serveyourso I think what I’m gonna do I like toactually put it in a mason jar I thinkbecause it looks cute and everybody hasa mason jar and also it’s a really goodway to like just you know keep it in thefridge it’s already stored so what Iwould do if I was going to serve this isI would load up a mason jar just likethisand make sure you get lots of differentbits in there look at that I can see theM&Ms I can see the oats you got thedried fruit and chocolate chops I meancheck that outhello pursue those ardor of ediblecookie dough so that’s one way to serveit straight out of the jar and then whenyou want a story you pop the lid on keepin the fridge another option that Idefinitely want to show you guys is thatyou can always roll it into a littlefall right so you just take like two orthree tablespoons roll it into a ballshould we tape it I think I should tasteit mmm I’ve never made it with this muchstuff in it before such a good idea welloh my god mmm okay well we get myselftogether so good so again you can serveit up in a little jar and on the poleyou can roll it into little balls andserve it that way and then best part I’mgonna tell you how you can bake it sowhat you would do is you would also justroll it into like a little ball you knowdo you want small cookies do you wantbig cookies whatever size cookies youlike roll it up you put a little smashyou know press it down and you’re gonnaget it onto a greased cookie sheetyou’re gonna preheat your oven to 350and then you’re gonna bake them for like10 minutes so this is a super versatilerecipe it’s super adaptableand just to take you through theingredients again it’s going to be somekind of oil or butter whether it becoconut oil butter eat some kind of nutbutter which would be peanut buttertahini almond butter all those thingswork and then you’re going to combine itwith your maple syrup honey or agave getthat your bolt boom boom boom and thenyou’re gonna add in your almond flouryour coconut flour salt vanilla and thenyour chocolate chips and whatever otherthings you’ve got in your pantry thatyou want to turn into a cookie so thatis my crazy easy edible cookie dough Ihonestly I’m not even sure that mighthave been less than 10 minutes so I hopethat you guys enjoyed this one this hasbeen so much fun you can find me over atLib hungry on Instagram if you want morerecipes that’s the word live L IV andthen go great and yeah I hope that youguys give this one a try if you do endup making it definitely share a picturewith us and I will see you soon I’mgonna be sharing all kinds of super easyrecipes with stuff that you definitelyalready have in your pantry thank you

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