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How to make cookies I guess

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Video Transcription

hey I’m back with another video since
today’s video I’m actually baking
cookies and before we even start the
video don’t my hair because I know it’s
messy and then there’s my solution not
trying to show it as much but um I
already popped the keys in the record I
mean again before we even start this
video hope you guys like subscribe
comment down really low turnout the post
turn on the post notifications and you
guys you know welcome my name is Azaria
and yeah let’s go check out the cookies
right now so if you guys don’t know how
to put it I just put it on for 350 so I
just went to it I’m right
so it’s y’all can see it’s not good to
so let’s go back to my spot right so
since we’re just gonna let that cook for
a little while I’m actually gonna let it
cook for a couple minutes I don’t know
like five more minutes because they’ve
been there for like ten minutes or so or
they this man like they’re for the six
seven minutes I’m actually watching
Jerry Springer on my computer at we say
show clean underscores they show up one
I hope you guys subscribe I’ll be back
with you guys when I go check on
so I’m going to get techniques
I’m trying to cover it as much as I can
about the cookies
okay I got the keys as y’all can see
I forgot to announce this for y’all even
yeah so you guys even eat the cookies or
make them before you guys even make the
cookies make sure y’all its milk make
sure y’all
my mouth yogi you know then you’re gonna
go ahead
then hopefully you guys go check out my
other videos
and I think the next video I’m gonna do
which is probably the next day or
something so hopefully you guys go check
out the video I’m going to do a puzzle a
another day I’m probably gonna do how I
pack my lunch so yeah and I’m also going
to be posting on Fridays
Saturday and Sunday yeah hope you guys
enjoy peace

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