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How to make cookies part 1

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Video Transcription

while we wait for the cookies oh yeahsorry hey guys so while we wait for thecookies like I said to warm up theygotta expand so we could leave enoughspace I mean look at this batch this islook enough to you enough cookies whichis really good so I hope you guys aren’tgonna do it I’m gonna make a three-partspecial for today and it’s gonna load upon the internet and do it okay so thiscookies are kind of disaster but they’regood anyway my said they’re good anywayright okay so we need to get enoughspace so they could expand together sowhile we put them in the oven they couldheat up and be ready for the chocolatechipthe first batch is already yummy okayokay so while we wait for the cookies toheat up we could do some fun stufftogether but before we begin on that putgiggle your hands already even watchyour just explain your game with yourunwashed and northern Isis prickwell he said the F word oh sorry sorryyet did you hear thatwell there’s no cuss words in this videoso I’m sorry but I have to that okay soI’m gonna go get a juice or somethinglike thatall right so let’s just do somethingwell the cookies would are gonna heat up

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