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Video Transcription

more liquor today I’ll show you how tomake cookie dough I have a special guestwith me my sister if brahi before we start making our cookiedough baby meshall we get what we need to make ourcookie dough so we have 100 gram ofplain flour 100 gram of white sugar 70gram of butter 50 brown or whitechocolate one egg so first we need abutter now I got sugar so then we haveto mix it poppyjust like thisnow we can add up flower it if you canpass it to methank younow we have to wait itI now we’re gonna out again now we justsit cookie dough base with my hands Iknow my sister’s going to add thechocolate is safe uglies out thechocolate so now we’re giving peoplemixing it just like this and if we justif I stop so we are people mixing it tous no that’s Dicky and then we’re gonnaput ina little bit and so now I’m gonna get abit of the butter a little bit more andthen I’m gonna the cookie dough in thepan so now I’m a parent we’ll put it inthe oven for 20 minutes after 20 minuteswe’ll come back we taste it how ittastesvery nice so this is a very productiveoutcome say in six five Allah Hafiz

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