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How to make chocolate chip cookies

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Measurements: 1stick melted butter
6 tablespoons brown sugar
8 tablespoons sugar
1 egg
2 tablespoons vanilla extract
1 3/4 flour
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup chocolate chips
Equipment used: iPhone tripod
Editing software: iMovie
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Video Transcription

hi guys what’s up so today I’m going tobe doing a how to make chocolate chipcookies since I know how to bake and Iwanted to teach you guys how to makecookies this is like one of my favoriterecipes to make so let’s get into thevideo so for this recipe you will needsugar flour some salt some baking sodasome vanilla extract 1 egg some brownsugar some chocolate chip and yeah alsosome melted butter I will put themeasurements in the description downbelow so go check that out if you wantto know the measurements okay so for theutensils you’re gonna wanna have a whiska bowl or mixer now I have a mixer butI’m just making this recipe without itso that you guys can know that you don’tneed a mixer to make this you’re alsogoing to need some things to measure solike a 1 cup measurement and like stufflike that so the first thing you’regonna want to do is you’re gonna want topour your butter into your bowland we just want to whisk that a littlebit now what you’re gonna want to do isyou’re gonna want to take your measuringspins and putting six tablespoons ofbrown sugarOh[Applause][Music][Music]so after then whisking it your mixtureshould look like this so the next thingyou want to do is you want to crack youreggand then what you’re gonna do is you’regonna take your vanilla extractthis one’s new so I have to open it ohthere we go and now you don’t want toput in two tablespoons tablespoons ofvanilla extractand then you’re gonna want to take afork and mix it with your head so I’mjust going to this one on and now I’mgonna go get it for loose the egg itshould start looking a little bit like acoffee mixture and then you can add itin to your brown sugar white sugar andmelted butter so right now I’m whiskingmy egg and you want to make sure you’rerisking your egg really thoroughly sothat it’s already mixed well when youadd it to brown sugar this is what themixture should look like and then I’mjust gonna pour it inand now you’re gonna want to whisk thisas you can see this is what I have sofar[Music]right now the mixture is looking reallygoodalso guys don’t forget to have your ovenpreheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit sonow I’m gonna add in my flour now I’mgoing to add in my salt and baking sodaso for this salt you’re gonna want toadd about a half of a teaspoona half a teaspoon of salt and then nowI’m going to add my baking soda now I’mgoing to add the chocolate chips now youcan add as many as you want I usuallylike to add about one or two cups nowyou’re just gonna want to whisk all thistogethernow at the moment I can’t find myspatula I think it like at the bottom ofthe dishwasher or something but you wantto whisk this I also don’t reallyrecommend a whisk because it kind ofgets stuck like this but it still doesthe job I changed to mixing with thespoon because because even though thewhisk is bigger um um all of the cookiedough was like getting stuck in betweenit so I moved to mixing it with a biggerspoon you want to make sure you’rescraping the bowl so you get in all thatflour and if there’s not enough flourthen you couldn’t always add like a fewtablespoons more or 1/4 more now thedough may look sticky and not ready butit is you don’t want to add too muchflour or else you’re gonna have somereally dry cookies my funny story whenme and my momlike we’re first making the cookies likethis is a recipe like we found like cuzit was for schools like for home schoollike math and science at the same timebecause measurements and stuff and so weaccidentally put in five tablespoons ofsalt and five tablespoons of bakingsoda and so we actually tried thecookies and they tasted horrible theywere so salty and we just messed up therecipe so much now I think I’m gonna addmore chocolate chip cookies you canalways add as many as you want now youwant to take your baking tray and lineit with parchment paper now if you don’thave like a metal baking tray like thisthen you can always use like a glasscontainer like an oven-safe glass andthen put your cookies in there and theywill come out just fine I have done thatso many times so don’t worry that’llcome out fine and and also you don’thave to align them with parchment paperlike I don’t normally do that but likeas you can see mine is kind of rustingso I kind of have to but if you don’thave parchment paper you can always usefoil okay guys you now you want to makesure your hands are clean and you’regoing to take a spoon and spoon out somecookie dough like this and then justtake a little bit and form it into thesesized ball that you want and then sit iton the tray now this recipe makes aboutmaybe 24 cookies so if I ever have extradough I like to like put it in a glasscontainer and then make like a cookiepizza out of it so that’s really fun youcan also do that with this cookie doughbut if you just want normal size cookiesthen you can just do what I’m doing[Music]should look a little bit like this ifyou don’t want your cookies to touch andthen right here as you can see my pre myoven is preheated to 350 degrees and youwant to make sure your oven is preheatedto that so now only tray and you justwant to cook that for about 7 to 12minutes until they are like golden brownon the bottom and the chocolate ismelting if you have any extra cookiedough you can just put it on some andthen wrap it up and leave it in thefridge now it stays good in the fridgefor about five or seven to seven dayslooking good so far guys I’m ready totake them out so now you once you’vetaken your cookies out you need to letthem cool off for about five minutes andas you can see on the bottom they aregolden brown so that means that they arethey so the cookies are done and theyare like so soft and chewy and deliciousso I would definitely recommend makingthese don’t forget the measurements arein the description below so don’t forgetto check that out if you want to makethe recipe okay guys well that was allfor the video I really hope you enjoyeddon’t forget to Like subscribe andcomment down below for more contentthanks for watching bye

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