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Corona Quarantine’s Got Me Making Cookies

This Coronavirus quarantine is boring. So I made cookies.

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Video Transcription

hello so I’m making cookiesI gotta find ways to pass the time I’mon quarantine for three weeks hopefullyit’s just three weeks but how longthat’s gonna lastmy sister’s behind the camera say hi hiso yeah ways I’ve been passing the timewe went for a bike ride the other day itwas like an hour plus of time I’mwatching a lot of TV watching movies andI’m making cookies three weeks I’mprobably gonna just bake a bunch ofstuff but I want to show you guys we gotthe pre-made stuff we got that and wegot that probably just gonna make bothnot sure how long that’s gonna takewe should we should preheat the oven totree fiddyokay do I add the chocolate chips onceit’s mixed I’d imagine yeah I’ll mixdish often then do not did you seemelted butter or just thought so okay[Music]last thing I’m baked with a pie and thatwas like put everything together andthen like messy job yeah he’s down okaydo we make how big do we make thecookies do you mean that good I thinkthat’s goodI do it I’m asking you will go this finedon’t answer me like we only make themlike cassis yeah I knowand then I don’t like none of us wantsthose is that getting cookie yeah okaynormal sized cookieacha acha a normal size coat[Music]yeah that’s reasonable it and do likethatyou want to do a fun thing sir did youknow females have more taste buds thanmales that’s the fun fact my sisterfigured out this morning right yes whatyou guys favorite kind of cookie leave acomment what’s yoursmmm snickerdoodle okay what is what ismine what is my favorite cookie youcan’t go wrong with a classic chocolatechip I mean even if it made 36 cookiesthat would have been gone in like a dayif this airs oh okay I was wondering whyit looked like sawdust cuz it’s oatmealcookies as a whole or do you like takelick bite the head off of it and thenyou raisins yes why would you bite areason in half that just sounds insane Idon’t know isn’t there like serving sizesuggestion on it like this many raisin[Laughter]cymatics matter what you like when youtake a bite of a grape do you eat thegrape as a whole or do you take like twobites out of itI usually pop it in my mouth but yessometimes okay well I try and savor itso okay then being shriveled up onsudden that’s what raisins driveversified grapes that’s a really reallymorbid is morbid spin really morbid spinon raisesyou’re set out to dry and they shrivelup and then they get boxed in this thingand then eaten by a kid yeah that’squite a life okay I’m gonna pop these[Music]off button okay a little bit too longwhatever their oatmeal cookies so allright you want to try half of achocolate chip okaywell the last SD card didn’t record itso I had to eat another one this one’slike more gooey in like more meltingit’s good dough all right now we’regonna yeah mm I’ll do it you’re goodokay can I try one of the oatmealcookies that one also is a little bitgooey but I mean everything’s like phewyeah there there may it’s fineyeah it’s a pretty good cookieI think it’s better without raisins sobut yeah that’s one way to pass the timeI’m probably gonna end up baking someother stuff but we did the premadecookie stuff yeah hope you guys arehaving you know at least some fun duringthe quarantine three weeks is exhaustingother put some the states have canceledschool like for the rest of the year Ithink it was Indiana or something butanyway hope you guys are finding ways topass the time and I’ll see you in thenext video

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