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Video Transcription

[Music]hello everybody and welcome to key camand the fam and today guys today I amback in the kitchen and I am you are Iwas just you have no idea how bad I’vebeen wanting to make these cookies todayI am making the Chicago Public Schoolsbutter cookies yes I’ve never made thesecookies before on camera but I have madethem for my family and what you wouldneed for what you’ll need for thisrecipe you will need 2 cups ofall-purpose flour 1/2 a cup of sugarwhatever sugar you choose to use sugar Ilike to use Domino’s sugar we need twosticks of butter and 1 tablespoon ofvanilla flavor I use 1 tablespoon butthe recipe calls for 2 teaspoons so wegot to get started so we got to movethis vanilla flavor out of the way we’regoing to we’re putting our softenedbutter do not put this butter in themicrowave allow this butter to sit fortop of the hour and it will get soft sowe’re gonna put our two sticks of butterin here and we’re going to cream and oursugar with this butter and I’m tellingyou this was like one of the firstcookies that I made my husband cuz Idon’t think he I don’t think pops knewthat I could cook I think he thought Iwas just playingso we’re going to Antion I’m gonna cramthe butter first you know what I’m gonnacram the butter firstso we’re going to[Music][Music][Music][Music]okay guys so we have our sugar and ourbutter mixed together and now we’regetting ready to add in the recipe callsfor two teaspoons I use 1 tablespoons ofvanilla flavoring I love I love thetaste of vanilla[Music]and because this is unsalted butter I’mgoing to use a pinch of saltnow when I say pinch I mean a pinch apinch so we’re gonna blend this vanillain the sugar and the boxokay and we’re going to add in our twocups of flour slowlyso I’m assertive now we’re gonna addthis day in salalah cuz we want them wewanted Weis a mix-up it’s gonna havelike it’s gonna be crumbly[Music][Music]and that’s it so we’re gonna get ourcookie sheet so guys this is good theconsistency of the cookie dough and whatyou do if you have an ice cream scooperyou can use the ice cream scooper Idon’t have one I don’t know whathappened to of it I don’t have oneanymore and this is a greased cookiesheet we roll our dough in a ball[Music]you know we have our oven set for 375degrees and these cookies have to cookfor I always cook them for like 10minutes and then I check on it butnormally they cook for about 14 15minutes easy so your oven might cookfaster or my cooks Laurand this is the fun part you take yourthree fingersand you makethere’s no perfect wayso we’re gonna put these cookies in theoven we gotta check on them in tenminutes and they normally cook we’relike I said about anywhere between 12 to15 minutes it depends on how hot youroven get so we’re gonna put these in andI’ll bring you guys back okay guys weare back as you can see my cookies areout of the oven I let these cookies cookfor 16 minutes and when I tell you thesecookies are delicious they’re not toosweet but the only thing that I wouldchange is I would have McCormick’svanilla this imitation but now that it’snot and I really didn’t I don’t like tocheat Spinelli but we are the quarantineso we gotta use what we have so I’mgonna let you see these cookies think itwould have been more cookies but thefamily just they keep messing with themevery time I take a batch out of theoven they keep messing with them so I’mallowing the cookies to cool down butI’m gonna show you these cookies seethat no egg or anything they are sweetenough you know you can actually thesewill be good with a car glass of milk orthey would be really really good withsome coffee or tea so these are theChicago Public School Lunch wrong cookieand a nice cookie oh my goodness thesecookies are known everywhere just sowe’re gonna let you guys know I hope youenjoyed this video if you enjoyed thisvideo give me a thumbs up and I’m gonnaeat my cookies – that’s alright crunchthese cookies they take me back when Iwas a childyeah especially you get back thechocolate milks no yeah also when youwith everything you stuff like 15 thanksI used to cost us $2 yeah I mean thatthing times turnokay yeah if it wasn’t me and Kieffer’sover yes well anyway we’re not going toget into a jam with a man can we swimthere’s proper gases this cookie takeyou back to your childhood yeah theyreally do so I’m going to let you guysgo enjoy the rest of your day I’m gonnaeat the rest of my cookies that I haveleft because my family keep taking mycookie song I’ll see you guys in thenext video where are you going cameramanoh we’re going together so I’ll see youguys in the next video bye[Music]

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