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How to Make Almond Cookies for Kids

Healthy Almond Cookies By Sadrush

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Video Transcription

hi today I’m going to share my littlerecipe how to make almond tree theyreally need is 30 grams of library 1 TSPof oil and 1 TSP of cinnamon and 1 cupof almond flour first we put theraspberries in tuna boat and second youput the cinnamon as a cup as a teaspoon1 teaspoon second you put the water cupof almond flourat last we put 1 1 teaspoon of oil nowwe have to mix it well for yourcomfortable you can use in an oven or oror a I’m already or an air fryer so nowI’m using your air fryer so that’s formy break up to 15 minutes so you put thepaste into balls and then you can put itin an oven on an air fryer so after thatyour you have some um your favoritealmond cookies

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