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How to make a cookies and cream shake

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Video Transcription

hey guys my name is not Lulu hey Darlaand today I’m gonna be showing shake andthese are all the[Music][Music][Music]perfect and now that we’re doing thatnow we’re going to add two things of ice- ice cubesafter that we are going to be adding ourIce Cream Sandwich we’re gonna break itwhile it’s in the air so because it’sjust it’s going to get base to borrowI can use the hair part because too muchnow that we’re done with that we’regoing to get the Oreos and put them inthis ziplock bagnow that we’re done adding them we aregoing to crush them so I’m going to usethis to crush them because it has awell-designed be very count carefulbe careful don’t add all of this cousinright do it at your own risk now thatwe’re done with that we are going to beadding some sugarin blending time so make sure this issecure and then we are going to pressit’s done we have to let it all go down[Music]and now that we’re done with that enjoyvideos click the thumbs up and thenotification belt and I’ll see y’allnext timebye

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