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Cookie Decorating Lesson – How to airbrush cookies – Champagne Bottle Cookies

Some of the supplies used in this cookie decorating lesson:

Stencil Genie (pink)

Stencil Snap (teal)

Cookie cutters



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Video Transcription

hello welcome Marlin here for today’scookie project we’re making a champagnebottle the label obviously you canpersonalize for whatever occasion youare celebrating and now on to the stepby step cookie tutorial I’m creatingsome decorative buttons kind of justsome dots to add to my cookies I’m justadding some royal icing blobs and I’mgoing to sprinkle them with some prettydecorative sprinkles and I’m going to beable to pick them up and place these onmy cookiesI’m making a few extra ideally as roundas possible I think I got this a cookiecon there it says on it you’re so fancythey’re very pretty sprinkles I’m goingto sprinkle all this and what stickswill stickthere when these will be my littleaccent pieces on my cookie here is mychampagne bottle that I’m trying to dohere and you see how cute that is sohere’s my white heat I’ve got a piece ofplain paper that I made the label okayand I’m just resting that on and this isto make sure it doesn’t fly away andthen my other magnets are just to weightit down oh yeah I’m using this here justto create a white circle I’m adding likea medallion area there so let’s justwait all that down and now I’m justadding electric green to the whole thingdon’t worry too much about the top sincewe’re covering that okay and now I’vegot leaf green and my other airbrushdone the great thing about havingmultiple airbrush guns is you’re notconstantly cleaning the ends you knowyou can just leave your color and nowI’m hitting on the perimeter with thisdarker green to create kind of like aroundness to the bottle that’s such oneof the easiest airbrush jobs you’llyou’ll do and we’re just going to exposeall this so the magnet at the top is aguideline just a lazy guide and now I’mspraying where is it oh I’m using thisRoxy rich stuff to make the bottle a bitshiny there and we’re going to let thisset up so that we can finalize it butisn’t that pretty head added this circleand it’s just helping me toall where I’m going to kind of have thetop to the bottle so I’m just adding ingreen marker just in case it’s peekingout here and this is like just somedecorative wrapping for the champagnebottle like that my guidelines I’m justadding some gold icing here and lettingit dry just a little bit then once thathappens I’m going to come in with afondant tool and just gently press intoit creating like potholes so that it’s alittle bit more texture to look like thealuminum that’s at the top of achampagne bottlejust like thatdoesn’t have to be perfect since we’regoing to be banging it up but we don’twant to have like icing strokes okaylet’s give it you know 15 minutes no I’mjust texturizing the top Gold sectionit’s 15 minutes now is past for this todry and I’m just gently pressing on thegold area you don’t want this to dryjust crust and then you can come in andgently just break it up dent itand then we’re just going to leave thislike that to dry and then we’ll be ableto paint it I wanted to use this for youknow to switch it up in the demo butit’s not fitting the cookies not fittingin there I tried to do it this way butit’s not fitting and so again the tealone comes to the rescue you can see thecookie fits in there so it’s not longthe cookies are too big and don’t fitinside the stencil holders so I’m justnow adding my guidelines to the cookiesso that I can come in and pipe that I’mnot stenciling because the design isvery fragile and I don’t want to have mything rip bangs I’m just getting myselfa very faint airbrushed die and I’mgoing to fight these or else they’regoing to get just that the stencil isgoing to get shredded I’m just restingmy stencil and it’s shielding the restof the white to keep it pristine andjust a light misting directly from abovethis is the same color I’ll be piping inso if it’s exposed it’s not a big dealyou see how pretty that is I could leaveit I could leave it it’s fine airbrushedokay so now I’m just adding some goldpipe lines here I’m just adding a seamwhere the label kind of meets with thebottle just to clean that up you can addwhatever message you want to the bottleor the label I should say and now I’mjust piping a single line I’m notfattening up where the font is fine I’mleavethe airbrush to show behind and theairbrush is creating that kind ofcalligraphy look and then here I’madding some lines to create kind of likea burst and fill in that kind of likebubbled around this right thereand then once all this has had time todry I’m going to come in and paint thatwith some gold done last little bit I’madding some icing right here to looklike like a ribbon that’s around theneck of the bottle the icing color isWedgwood and I’m just quickly drawingthis out I’m using my glue stick tosharpen the point here on this I want itto be very squareand then make sure you icings license toDell this is supposed to be a ribbon sowe don’t want wrinkles and the ribbon wewant it to look smooth and then whileit’s wet I’m dropping in my littlesprinkle dots that I made that one brokein half I’m not very patient theyhaven’t had time really to dry there andI’m just pressing that in the wet icingand that’s that’s all that’s necessaryto jazz these up and I’ve got here somegold luster dust that I’m just paintingon with a bit of alcohol to the goldroyal icing the gold color you see howthat just comes to life and now I’madding a touch of gold to here so justtouching lightly the top of the royalicing here just to add a bit of shine tothese elements of the designright at the top of the writingand they’re done you see the gold reallyjazzes them up here are the completedcookies if you want to add these to aplatter you could just fluff up this setwith some bubbles to mimic the champagneI think that would be super cute if youhave any questions please don’t hesitateto post them in the comments I’ll getback to you as soon as I canthanks so much for being here thanks somuch for watching and I’ll see you nexttime

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