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How To Have The Coziest Night Ever 🥰 Spa Night, Cookies & Pillow Fort

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I hope you enjoy this cozy video & that it relaxes you ❤️ When building your own pillow fort please remember to be safe . Don’t use anything that could tip over especially top heavy items or furniture . No candles in the fort 🕯 battery operated lights that don’t heat up are the best option ! Be safe and use your best judgment 💕

💫 What To Watch Next…

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🛀 Link to beautiful Behati Life products used in this video

🍪 Monster Cookie Recipe 🍪 These were delicious

📸instagram – charmedintuitiontarot

🔮 Decks Used During Today’s Video
1. Sacred Self Care Oracle

⚠️Note- I do NOT have Facebook . I have been getting questions regarding this recently . I only have Instagram ^listed above and YouTube 💕

❗️Please remember my videos are general readings . This video is meant for entertainment purposes. Use your own judgment when making any decision. Have fun and enjoy! 💕

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Original of the video here

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