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HOW TO BAKE PILLSBURY ‼️‼️Limited Edition‼️‼️ Marshmallow Cookies

Step 1: Pre-heat Oven For 350 degrees
Step 2:Spray non-stick spray on pan and place the cookies onto the pan and put it in the oven when the oven has pre-heated to 350 degrees
Step 3:Let the cookies bake for 15 minutes when 15 minutes are up take them out the oven and let it sit out for 5 minutes
MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE OVEN OFF‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️Then when that’s over put them in a plate with a paper towel over it then place the cookies on the paper towel🧡🧡🧡then Congratulations you have successfully made you cookies
Cookie link : and the Bitlife link : BitLife –

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Video Transcription

so I wouldn’t really see me do them I
would just stop them like just like
reviewing them now they should I make
them none that it didn’t also have some
more that I put my keys from same bread
and everyone squeezed in handy look so
I’m just gonna be teaching all the steps
and how they’re screening good cookies
but she’s not coming subscribe if you
haven’t already
but you’re not sweet cooking spray don’t
mind our debt they’re just so cooky that
burnt one time so they decided to make
make sure you’re here that clinging to
you if your again it’s giving them to
give it to people did I put them in here
make sure you have someone so much so
here you’re gonna start our timer for 15
but yeah basically what I just showed
you guys was me putting them in and then
I mentioned Jude I was just even
yesterday cuz I cook some popcorn shrimp
some bacon
it was something so people on there to
see how to make that a tuile got shot
gotcha if y’all want to but I don’t know
where they win but I will buy them
clothes I don’t want to touch the heat
when I take them out in two minutes
oh I also forgot that I will have all
the directions and the description and
just get food I don’t watch the video or
you probably understand me I will have
an in description awesome
ah so here’s another tip never leave
never leave when you’re cooking like
we’re cooking up and never leave I get a
chair like this get a chair or something
and sit down and just watch don’t be
like your friends don’t like my ear
right now just like Lizzy but don’t be
like that
don’t do it it’ll do that just don’t be
in front that’s all I am
oh now let me take them out some things
no good yeah so even though it might be
like kind of soft or like soft or
whatever in the middle just let it cook
they did let it sit out and get a shape
because you don’t want you to burn
they’re all holidays
dad I’m gonna show y’all I’m gonna show
y’all how I don’t want to toast you
Leno’s gonna do it yeah so look how soft
a card you’re gonna be like that but you
see out that once it gets that little
light you know how see how dark it is
see how dark it is I wanted like that is
good it’s perfect you geneanalytics out
so once I was finished I just create
clear off they didn’t all they went all
finishes did it selfie just turned off
like that so I tell know when to close
them pretty sure they’re ready so so
that’s why we’re the nonstick spray it
like a mace in the kitchen date going so
just ed you’re scooping up put him on
I was for you to glass plate but I’ll
get on that you don’t really you know
really man oh they’re not hot glue they
hurt me
hi Steven hi exactly we take them out in
Puma you need that good glass
okay guys so finish with my cookies and
they were delicious
they look different it’s nothing trash
I’m gonna eat I’m gonna try them on and
check out how it is so I’m gonna get
this cookie and try it
I’ve already beat it but I couldn’t
record it because I had I got my
hmm all right
you know the stories that I just walked
right by tomorrow
laughs it goes so I got lose my car like
they talking right now in the moment at
work so she finish trying but I’m gonna
leave some for her and everybody like
seen it real good it was like so good if
y’all want to try them um
the link will be in the description if I
can find it but they are at Walmart and
please cure Kroger okay I’m back but
anyway guys folded cookies cookies so
good sorry little recommended I’ll have
the link in the description down below
if I can find it then I I saw would say
waiter yeah so that basically I found
them at Walmart fountain mostly all my
cookies and Walmart
I don’t really shop at Kroger a less
like they don’t have what I want
it is yeah that’s a little bit hey ray
make sure you like comment subscribe and
put down below and I think that you want
me to try out backyard bakery Oh cook
yeah bye guys other skits
okay guys so before this video ends I
just want to give a big big shout out to
bit life this is a amazing game and a
very like game it’s a good game feel
like bored or you just want something to
do then this is the game for you so it’s
really really similar to soon but I
personally think that it’s better than
since because the more convenient cuz
you have like this know as VIP eliminate
things for only five dollars and with
Sims the other pay for all these packs
and stuff and usually pack is like $40
each and there’s power like six or seven
packs that you have to buy so I’m really
making new induced cuz it just is it’s
amazing the game I came across to I came
across this my friend named Sakaya
she introduced me to this game I’ve
heard of it but I never got like a
feeling to play it but she introduced me
anything I would like you know I might
as well just try it and it’s been like
this is my favorite game to play so
basically you can start a new life and
you can pick the gender in their name
you can randomize it in Gossip it
country so they have basically lot of
countries in and like the whole entire
world all these countries new also
whatever country you pick they have the
house set of places so I put in Mexico
so they have all these med school places
you can actually make a custom one I
need you can save the city and play ask
that so I’m just going to do this one
okay names like this they have X and
then I’m gonna come back when this ad is
finished so you don’t have to like see
this whole so guys this is what I was
talking about right here it basically
gives you no ads it’s VIP features
unlimited generation dark dark mode and
keep us alive ok guys so now I have turn
15 years old and now they’re telling me
to do my driving license so I’m gonna
take my touch and basically they have
like these signs and I usually miss the
look so do that I guess yielded here
okay you’re the head was right and so I
passed my turn please
but guys I hope you download this out
cuz it’s really fun then I also have a
link in the description if I can do

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