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How to bake Nutella cookies | Baking with Domi… I swear we DID NOT burn anything!

Hey guys, hope you guys enjoy this video! I am not an amazing cook or baker as you can clearly see in this video… but I do have fun hahaha.

Recipe for the pastry: (it is in Italian but I say the ingredients in English in my video)

Pasta frolla allo yogurt greco

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Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys what’s up welcome back to mychannel today we’re gonna be bakingcookies and we’re gonna try to makeNutella fill the cookie because a wordyeah so you’re just gonna come alongwith usand I’m gonna tell you the recipe andthen I’m gonna leave the link in thedescription of where we found the restbefore the actual biscuits 120 grams ofsugar we’re using brown sugar and thento yo yeah like the yellow part of theeggs I don’t know the name in EnglishI’m sureso now we like mix it50 grams of[Music]suppose to vanilla extract like afterthe bottle 300 grams of flour a littlebit of salt and 2 grams of yeast yeastand you and we’re gonna mix all togetherand then you add it a little bit at atime[Music][Music][Music]kind of it for now so we’re going to putit in the fridge let it rest for likehalf an hour so we’re back it’s beenlike 14 minutes now so we’re gonna do afew of them with the Nutella and thenother like biscuits now you put someflour on the stick because it’s quitesticky and we have to pull my mombecause butter and some flour on theseso that they don’t strip like the pastrydoesn’t stick to it[Music]this is how it looks like so now we’regoing to put the Nutella insideoh boy we put it inside the fridge we’regonna over yeah we’re gonna cover it andthen we’re gonna put it inside thefreezerthen you do another one see right heremm-hmm[Music]so it’s like this and here my darlingbackground socials[Music][Music]so we took them out of the fridge it’sbeen more than five minutes I’m gonnacut them now[Music][Music][Music]

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