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Healthy Cookies- Only 3 ingredients

I am going to show you how to make (gasp!) healthy cookies. I know you never thought you’d hear Miss Sandra say the words healthy and cookies consecutively! Here are the ingredients and the directions.

You will need:

1.5 cups of oatmeal (I used 1 cup of quick oats and one cup of old fashioned oats but you can use whatever you have)

2 medium ripe bananas (the more ripe the better!)

1/3 cup of chocolate chips

Other things you will need to cook this

1 large bowl

1 cookie sheet (or any cooking ware that is oven safe)

1 fork

1 large spoon


1. Mash 2 bananas in the large bowl with the fork

2. Stir in the oatmeal

3. Add the chocolate chips and mix it in the bowl

4. Use spoon to scoop up your mixture

5. Form mixture in your hands to the shape of a cookie

6. Place on cookie sheet

7. Continue until the mixture is gone (mixture does not spread when baking so you can put the cookies close together)

8. Place pan in oven that is 350 degrees. Remember to ask a parent for help and to use an oven mitt!

9. Let cook for 12-15 minutes.

10. Take cookies out of the oven (with help of an adult)


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Video Transcription

okay so today I’m going to show you somecookies really simple cookies that youcan make at homethey’re called I’ll just call themoatmeal banana chocolate chip somethinglooks what are the only threeingredients here are the ingredientsneed one and a half cups of oatmeal tomedium bananas and 1/3 cup of chocolatechips okay so what we’re going to dofirst is we’re going to take two mediumbananas let’s say these are medium theriper they are the better so even ifthey’re completely brown on the outsidethat is fine they’ll be really sweet andyou know we’re making cookies so we kindof want them sweet so you’re going totake your banana okay put them in thisbowl but you can’t hear okay I reallylike this recipe because I know you’repart thinking healthy cookies but reallyall these ingredients are pretty healthythe only one that’s not healthy are thechocolate chips but you know they’re alot healthier than regular cookies andyou know you can eat a little bit ofunhealthy things you know we need a goodbalance in life so I’m mashing thesebananas with a fork I actually nevermade this before so maybe you’re makingit along with me for the first time aswell and like I said if your banana is alittle browner on the outside it’sactually better it’ll be easier to mashthis banana still kind of pretty firmbut that’s okayI use what you’ve gotokay I’m going to switch for us I thinkI fed this fork I actually think I mightneed a bigger policy I think I have thepretty mashed if you can see thereyeah they look pretty good to me so nextwe’re going to edit that oatmeal so itsays one and a half cups and when I wasreading the recipe the lady who made therecipe said that she likes mixing twodifferent kinds so here are quick oatsand here are old-fashioned oats if youonly have one kind that’s okay she saidshe used a cup of quick oats and then1/2 a cup of old-fashioned but really ifyou don’t have if you have one sidethat’s okayjust do what you haveoh okay I’ll clean the couple here sowe’re going to measure one cup typicallyI don’t really like baking becausethere’s a lot of cleanup I enjoy cookingand not baking but since this is so easywilling to try it okay maybe I used tospoon last bit okay so one cup of thequick oats okayand this bowl is getting pretty full soI think I definitely need to transfer Ididn’t really think of that transferthis into a bigger bowl it’s okay ifhe’s gonna mess up first time mess up alittle bit less okay try again okay so Igot a lot easier to mix it one cup goesand oats are really good for you becausethey have a lot of fiber in it fiberhelps to tell your brain that your bodyis full so 500 helps you feel cool soyou don’t keep eating you knowovereating so fiber is very good for youso these are pretty healthy okay quickoats no I’m going to measure out half acup of the old-fashioned maybe I wasscrewing this time so I don’t make asmuch of a mess okay so kind of shake itto make it flat and I’d say that’s abouta half a cup we’ll pour that in ourmixtureokay so you want to kind of bring it alltogether that’s looking pretty gooddump this over there okay so our next upit says we need 1/3 of a cup ofchocolate chips so we need 1/3 cup ofchocolate chips and all I see here atthe bottom it says oven at 350 which Iactually didn’t do so I’m going to goahead and do it I’m going to pre preheatthe oven to 350okay so chips you could use any type ofchocolate chips you like I don’t knowchocolate if you really want to be alittle happier you can get darkchocolate but really we need to reallythis milk chocolate okay everything elsein this and these cookies are healthy sowe need a heretical partthat looks like it’s about a third of acup and you just kind of want to mixthem in and get them all around and themixture so once you tend to have all ofit mixed together you’re going to needto scoop it and put it on a cookie panokay so if you have a cookie pan goahead and use it I don’t have a cookiepan so I’m just going to use this lastwhere that is oven safe and since Idon’t have a nonstick cooking sheet I doactually need butter but if you have acook nonstick cookie sheet you do notneed to do this stuff so what I’m goingto do with this butter is I’m just goingto take the butter and kind of rub itall around the bottom of the pan just sothe cookies don’t stickso I don’t know if you can see itprobably oh yeah you can see it so Ikind of got it all across the bottom ofthe pan and now if you see my mixturehere I’m going to scoop this mixture upinto tablespoons and form it into acookie because these cookies they don’treally expand you are just going to haveto form it into a cookie so I didn’t saythis at the beginning but you wheneveryou cook you should always wash yourhands before you start cooking which Idid okay so I’m gonna form it into likea little cookie shape and put it in mypan and like I said they don’t reallyspread so you could kind of put thecookies close to each other I personallylike the feeling of this but some of youmight not like the sensory of the cookiedough in your hand I thought if you haveplastic gloves and you want to use thoseyou can do that but I just kind of likefeeling it in my handsand my pan isn’t that big if you have acookie sheet you should be able to fitall the cookies in I don’t think I’ll beable to because my pants kind of smalland that’s okay I just do several roundsof this[Music]and excited for these cookiesokayactuallyI’m just going to put these in right nowso I have just sit six cookies maybe apoint I actually think I got some face Icould spread these out a little bit letme put let me see here I could put atleast eight[Music]okayso it kind of looks like that I’m goingto put it in the oven now first up letme rinse my hands I’ll put it in theoven real quick and then I’ll show youwhat it looks like after okayactually let me see how long I’msupposed to put them in the oven boothmy recipe is on my phoneChuck okay 12 to 15 minutes okay so Iput these in the oven and I’m just goingto set my timer to 12 minutes so I couldcheck on it at 12 minutesset timer to 12 minutesokay so I took the cookies out of theoven I let them cool for a bit it cameout well um yeah and I actually tried itand I kind of just tastes like bananabread what you could do with these I putthe rest of cookies in the oven thisrecipe makes about just twelve cookieswhich is good enough for me but if youwant to make more you can just doublethis recipe triple it whatever is goodfor your family and if you think thatyou made too many or there’s too muchyou could actually put these in ziplockbags and put it in the freezer and justwhen you want it just let it sit out forabout a few hours and then eat it laterbut these last probably about a weekjust you know in a cookie container sotry it out let me know what you think ifthere’s actually any other recipes you’dlike me to try preferably healthyrecipes um you could ask your parent toemail me and I can try the press

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