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Hanin and Omar making cookies 🍪

1/2 cup of white sugar
3/4 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup melted butter
Small spoon of vanilla
Small spoon of bicarbonate of sodium
Small spoon of salt
Cup and a-half of flour
Chocolate 🍫

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Video Transcription

hi Don welcome back let’s do the bicyclesubscribe challenge you need to hit thesubscribe button in 5 seconds 5 for medo what did you do it goodwe are here with my brother Omar say allright hi we are now baking cookies firstcarefully so it doesn’t splash it thereand then we put it all in the sugar nownow my brotheruse their parents permission becausethis is very I will put in the salt dont plus this is all part two of the othervideo and we we made the batter so nowwe’re going to mix it up be careful ifyou have obstacles this is very thick sothere’s any obstacles in your way justremove mix it aroundI’m sold all the white bits of the flouruntil you get something like this inthis egg rosy yolk no it’s fine you canjust pull the whole thing even the yolkand then top middle and then mix it upyou can’t run you should want somethinglike this then you pour in this mybrother is going to do that this is oilok so then we want to put in this I’mgoing to do half and my brother is goingto well I know little bit make sure todo it not so fast because it was blackeverywherenow my brother is going to do this thereyou go no don’t do it too fast ohthere’s a bit okay I’ll do this partmixed up and now we are mixing it withour hands now I will do a bit and mybrother will do a bit okay that’s mybrother certain sit down now just playwith it that would be mixing with yourhands no okay so now there we’ll justtake it and then we’re going to put itback in and then we are going to add thechocolate chipsbrother finished putting in stuff andnow we’re going to mix it again so it’slike mixed up together random my mom didone right there now they are good toturn them into balls flatten them andthen put them on the tray this ismadness let’s do another one so nowwe’re going to need lots of chocolatechips like see how my mom did itbeautifully and we also have some limitsto extra chocolate chips wait over thereover there we have some extra chocolatechips I’m going to take two of them andthen I’m going to mix it with my handsflatten them into a ball yeah and nowadd it I decided to no my brother isgoing to do to all of them now my mom isplay in the oven these are the realresults on the cookiesenjoy

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