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Getting Stuff Done! Cooking, Cleaning, & Baking Cookies!! Spend The Day With Me!

Hey party people! Thanks so much for hanging out with me while I share with you my day! We are getting stuff done, starting off with the most amazing pancake charcuterie board! YESSSS Then we move on to some chit chat, cleaning cabinets, making the worlds best chocolate chip cookies — literally the worlds best. And then we go for a walk and.. well I don’t remember what else we did. You tell me if you watch it all the way through! haha Thanks so much for hanging out, Hope you enjoyed my company!


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Video Transcription

[Music]did you ever stop and think why spendtoo much time just getting ready let mebe honest I don’t know a single thingthat I haven’t earned to make you knowthatthen maybewhen I see you my heart starts racing Idon’t know if I like this chasing andplayit’s a shame that my hands are shakingall the time when you’re aroundbut this time[Music]I don’t know what I could say that couldbe to to hang around whenthis is pretty much the most amazingthing I’ve ever created in my entirelifewell hello party people today we’regonna hit up t.j.maxx home goodsMarshalls the trifecta what I like tocall it maybe we’ll throw and target inthere I mean that’s what I want to bedoing but the truth is we’re not goinganywhere oh I miss going out I missBusch GardensI missed the kids Museum I missed theparks all even settled to go to CarrollBaskins house I don’t even care at thispoint okay but the reality is we’restaying home I actually made a list ofstuff I have to do I don’t know where Iput it in my pocket you see this is whystuff doesn’t get done I don’t knowwhere I put itfound it guess where it was the lastplace I looked okay so you saw thismorning I made an almost that epic I’llsay it anyway I guess I’m trendy and Istay I say words like epic except forI’m not so I made a really cool pancakecharcuterie board so fancy one reasonwhy I really want to go okay I reallywant to go to TJ Maxx because well oneobviously it’s TJ Maxx and two I wouldwant to go anywhere but the real reasonwhich is probably the most ridiculousreason I want some more cutting boardsto jazz up my charcuterie boards and Ialso like this conditioner I’ve beenusing it’s actually over here I ran outof it but it is this like leave-inconditioner by bio Lodge and a to knowhow to pronounce that I almost boughtsome from Target it’s $30 but I knowthey sell it at t.j.maxx so I’m justgonna hold on like another month or twountil I can go to this store when arethey gonna open up who the heck knowsthat is a long winded way of saying Iwant another cutting board andconditioner Alex needs a haircut todayhis haircuts are really easy cuz he’s hejust likes it simple you know plus he’san adult and he actually stays stillwhile I cut his hair I’ve been cuttinghis hair since he was in the militarylike since we first got married I’mstill not that greatbut we can keep trying I’ve been helpingthe kids all day with virtual schoolthat is always really fun oh I have onhere make cookies for the neighbors soyou guys if you can see some toys backhere our neighbor was so sweet I guessher grandchildren are growing up andthey’re they’re outgrowing some of thetoys so she gave them to us it was sonice not only did she give us a bunch oftoys she gave us a bicycle for Eleanorwe just bought her a bicycle asecondhand not too long ago a few monthsago but there’s like something wrongwith it anyway so our neighbor gave usup and we were like what so Eleanor andI are gonna make the ultimate chocolatechip cookies you guys have made thesecookies off of my recipe and you saythat you love them I love them – can youbelieve you’ve lived your whole life noteating them they are amazing so I’mgonna make them again with you guys ohmy gosh I have diapers in the wash rightnow I completely forgot so I need todeal with that the pool I thought oh thekids might want to go in the pool todayjust like every other day but it’s beenraining all day so the pools a littlecolder than usual we’re gonna go for awalk keep some kind of sanity aroundhere you know what I meanOh dinner I have no idea what’s fordinner dessert cookies I can tell youall day long what I want for dessertdinnerhi I’m out of ideas fresh out maybe Ishould go watch my own what’s for dinnervideos to get some dinner inspiration Ishare some pretty good recipes with younot gonna lie and then I have on hereclean cabinets like the front side ofthe cabinets I went yesterday yesterdayI did not get out of my pajamas all daylong what was I sayinga little Eleanor she just made ourneighbor a thank-you card too so we’regiving her cookies and I thank you cardwhat was I saying I think I was talkingabout how much of a lazy bum I’m beingand I did not get out of my pajamas atall yesterday no regrets it wasfantasticI got a lot done I got like seven loadsof laundry done if you follow myInstagram you know there was a bigdebacle about the laundry situation andthen well I just tidied up around thehouse oh my gosh wood painted ourfloorboards hi mostly Alex did most ofthat work but that’s okay I contributedso that counts so I got enough doneyesterday I was pretty productive sotoday I just want to clean the covers ofcabinets because I’m noticing they’regetting a little rank so I hope you wantto spend the day with me hang out withme today maybe you’re doing somecleaning of your own or maybe you’rejust taking a break from life andenjoying like five seconds to yourselfso good on you let’s do laundry first sowhat’s funny about the toys that ourneighbor just gave us oh wait I thinkthese still need to be washedis the other day I was thinking oh weused to have so many LEGO sets like thebig Lego sets because soon Meredith willwant to play with them and Wentworthwants to play with the little Legos butI’m so sick of picking those upeverywhere this detergent is the coolestthis is all you need is crazythat’s actually too much look at memeasuring stuff there we go so when shegave us the toys not only was I like ohgreat more things to pick up around myhouse I thought oh my gosh this isexactly what I would have you knowbought myself anyway our closet door isstill in the hallway would you look atthat oh but guess what we did Alex and Icleaned the entire garage wow thatwashing machine is loud oh my goshthere’s food all over this place youthink it was like a kitchen or somethingokay I’m gonna start wiping down thesecabinets I haven’t done it in a while Ispot clean the cabinets pretty often andby often I mean maybe once a month but Ithink the last time I did all thecabinets at once was before I waspregnant and that’s probably prettyaccurate so I’m gonna wipe them downwhat’s your favorite way to wipe downcabinets oh you use any like specialcleaners degreasers some people use dishsoap because that has like a naturaldecrease or in it I just go around whenI spray but I might oh you know what I’mgonna dograb my favorite mixing bowl this islike the ultimate I was watching a wallin the garage yesterday and the dooractually and I use this mixing bowl soI’m just gonna throw some soap and warmwater in here and go to town it’ll beit’ll take me like how long ten minutesI’m stalling you ain’t got no badoh speaking of plantsspeaking of plants which I know weweren’t but I just saw some succulentsover there I think we might start ourgarden todayI’ll either share that with you onInstagram or way later in this vlogwe’re gonna be planting all the seedsthat I bought like a year ago as well sothere’s that nobody but me[Music]guys find the joy in life okay this isprobably the nastiest one mmmlook at those spills and drips actuallyyou know what they’re all pretty grodyOh got my work cut out for me though ohmy gosh I have to show you this yuckythis is one that I actually clean cleanquite oftenoh I’m embarrassed showing you so grossit kind of feels like this be continuedso mehey if you want honey you can stickaround I don’t know what it is about youbut uh you[Music]all make missing youI just wanna be close[Music]oh I just want to behey what’d you say wanna stay in a hotelchampagne in room service all night girlI know they say no plaza but I thinkwe’ll be all right really what life isall about doing what can I helpbaby with you[Music]Oh[Music]I just wanna be close[Music]Ohoh I just wanna be here[Music]watch you have to go in China so crazynow fill us with that your energieshandbag watch you have to go and travelcrazy now filled with sexual images -not so bad now we’re all finished I didthese cabinets over here I didn’t filmit the lighting was bad but I feel goodabout that I think I got all thecabinets as soon as Eleanor is done withher virtual dance class we will start onthe cookiesso I’ll get everything ready diapers aredone so I thought while the Sun is outthe rain let up a little bit finally Ithought I would sundry them oh my wordyou guysbeen out here for seconds alreadysweatingI haven’t even run outside and quite awhile then it’s life you hear all thattraffic anyway I have been run latelybecause it’s just so dang hot out ormaybe that’s just me making excuses I’mtrying to brainstorm but I’m going tomake for dinner I don’t have a cluenot even one clue have you seen thatmean it’s like it’s either motherhood ormarriage I can’t remember which one ormaybe just life in general is you askingwhat do you want for dinner every nightare you deciding what’s for dinner everysingle night and I feel that I feel ithard I think Meredith’s away buy a housewhat a big mistake before what I thoughtthat I wouldn’t break I need somethingelse to clear[Music]the kids are doing a little tidying upOh kids and Dad biggest kid of all andbefore we make cookies I’m replenishingmy jars a lot of you have asked whereI’ve gotten these from it’s a setthere’s those are the two big ones andthen there’s two more right there so Igot them from Costco I will try to findthem on Amazon and link them below foryou guys they’re mason brand I like themthe jars don’t screw on they just pop onand off but they have a pretty good sealso I like[Music]I can open this bag my fingers hurtlet’s just pull like that oh wait why nothat’s not it you got to pull the stringout anyone can do thatclapping can do that a monkey even comeon yeah who’s talking smack now wowreallymmm the string the string not the onewrong pull it what do you think I’mtrying to braid it oh you’re gonna use alittle pulley system here got it ohmaybe were pulling from the wrong sidetry the other side[Laughter][Music][Music]okay here it is the famouschocolate-chip cookie recipe I’m tryingto get it in some light where there’s noshadow nonetheless screenshot that crapyou’re gonna want to stick it around inyour recipe book oh by the way thisrecipe book also linked it a lot of youasked me about that as well deliciouscookies let’s just get them startedbecause I can’t wait to eat the dog bigsister has Meredith hey Melanie ohyou’re trying to eat your toes eNOSBecky Meredith hi we haven’t seen youall day I have okay we’re gonna getstarted we’re doubling the recipe someseason so you need I mean one cup ofbutter for one recipeokay 3/4 cup of brown sugar quarter cupof white sugar then you cream thistogetheralright whip this up[Applause]oh that looks good okay for a oh yes youknow what I’m giving you the recipe fordoubling and singling just don’t evenlisten to meThank You Annie can worn crap we’re allyou’re also supposed to put this insorry we’re rushing a little bit becauseshe has dance class I thought youalready had it but it’s in like fiveminutesso you add the jell-o pudding mix too sowe’re just going to mix this alltogether you can’t really mess this upit’s that delicious just a little bitthat’s perfect that off Telenor scrapingthat off and I threw in four and a halfcups of flour with two teaspoons ofbaking sodaI just like to whisk it together mostlybecause I love my whisk so much it’s abunch of snow white a bunch of CEO dad Imean mom find enough to like one[Applause]and for me I like the dough just how itis right now oh nice and sugary but youknow everyone else really likeschocolate chips so I don’t know how manycups I just throw them in probably likeI don’t know a lot the recipe says onecup per batch I’m just gonna grab ahandful toss that in okay put that inget him you can eat those that fell[Applause]Elinor you have danced I’m gonna throw afew of these in the oven for theneighbor and some more neighbors thescoundrel shows up right when the doughis done not oh my gosh how much did youeat all right we’re cutting you off[Music]justice[Music]I need someone to talk toI could to Spainor the bad things I’ve doneand the peoplewanna take thatand even in dirt won’t you save savesave save[Music]you say[Music]don’t you saysayI’ve been trapped in this darkness forfar too long[Music]wanna tear down the curtains at sunshineOhOhokay I’m gonna throw these in the ovenand I’ll probably cook another batchbecause we’re bringing it to a fewneighbors and then the rest I’m going tofreeze in the freezer that’s what I lovedoingmostly because I love eating the cookiedough because let’s be real cookie doughtastes better than the actual cookiesometimes also it’s like a great treatat the end of a long day at the end of along quarantine day so that’s we’regonna do with the rest of them and sinceI doubled the batch there are plenty ofcookies to go around something to behappy about Eleanor’s doing her littletap dance class isn’t this crazy avirtual dance class people amazing jobEleanor keep it up hello MeredithOh sweetie pie she gets all over theplace these days don’t you Meredith youwant to show us some of your new tricksdo what Eleanor does do down up up dogwhile we wait for the second batch ofcookies to finish up we’re just gonnahang out on the floor a little bit huhoh my goodness I just love you so muchhey let me so much as I do and I willmarry these oh my gosh why are baby socool do you see our freshly paintedfloorboards over there no big dealactually we have a little a couple oftouch-ups we need to do cuz the paintI mean the tape got stuck on the paintyou can believe thathello honey hello is so easy yeah Ohbusy roly polyalright the cookies are cooling I on thedrying rack cooling rack whatever thisthing is called I grabbed some of thesewe’ve had these obviously sinceValentine’s Day we didn’t use all ofthem we use somethe stickers inside and I think some ofthe bags even we’ve had these sinceChristmas and didn’t use them at allalthough I don’t think the cookies areperfectly symmetrical they’re not goingto like fit in that bagwell they might I don’t know but we’rejust gonna put a few of these togetherto bring to the neighbors and spread alittle joy with the best cookie onplanet earth this is what happens whenyou leave your baby for two seconds howdid that happen you got all wrapped upin your blankets silly girlyou’re silly girl you are a silly girlthere you gofair warning if you like super hardcrunchy cookies this is not for you it’sa little crisp on the outside but theinside is like nice and warm and gooeyand delicious and all the things that Iwant from a cookie which is why I likeit so much so there’s that I thought Iwould share with you I finally justfigured out what I’m going to throwtogether for dinnersince we have sour cream and we havesome cheese we also have canned corn andcanned some kind of beans like beanswith sauce whatever that is called bakedbeans Wow Kim oh you know what goesreally good with baked beans bacon Idon’t think I’m gonna thaw any out Imean I could anyway I bought thiscarnitas from Costco a while ago it’s itstays good for a while in the fridge soI’m just gonna throw this together theyI like to put it on top of like a saladbut the kids really like itinside tortillas and then like pressedwith the gfg the George Foreman sothat’s probably just really simple easydinner I mean it doesn’t get much easierthan this other than throwing in afreezer mail in the oven which is what Ialmost did and then I thought well Icould free up some fridge space byeating this UPS I don’t know if we’regonna take a walk before dinnertypically Meredith has been going to beda little bit earlier so we might do thatotherwise we would have we would take awalk after dinnerhere the birds at CSUNsigh beside our phaser gunoh the girl times just begunwe’re not but we have let’s hold ontight found what we’re lookingmy car has crazythings are funny right[Music]the future is brightall right I packed him up I’ll probablypack another bag but these were Ifigured we probably should have wroteour names on themI don’t know I’m hoping they’re homeright everyone’s home so I’ll just leavethem by their doorstep and give them aheads-up but they come with these cutelittle stickers here tooOh baked especially for man these are socute I should have bought more packs ofthese okay anyway those are so cute I’dbe so happy to get that on my doorstep Imean you know I mean cookies alwaystaste better when you don’t make themhere we’re on our walk we put thecookies in a cooler it’s that hot allright you got the cookies all right goaheadhold on go ahead and bring them to thefront door also another tricklast time I normally loop my Fitbitaround here but someone told me just totuck it in my tight leggings genius getmy steps in all right let’s goand of course Eleanor’s with us she isready for the pool it’s actually reallynice outside so we picked a really goodtime to deliver these cookies the Sun isgoing downhow are you in that water I bet it’slike 60 degreesokay okay show me how it often swimsyeah that’s good stuff right theregood job Eleanor oh yeah you know whatthat hole is called your blowhole yeahman I don’t know what I did yesterdaybut the sign of my foot it hurts I musthave dropped something on it or ran intosomething it’s very likely I just raninto something I’m pretty clumsy I’msure that does not surprise you anywaythank you guys so much for hanging outand watching huhwell good thing there’s a chair here anexample of my clumsiness literally fellover nothing oh look at those Easterbaskets behind me guys hello there’s thepaint in there someone come over andhelp me I cannot stay on top of thecleaning also still need to cut Alex’shair we’ll get to it you know what I’mlike what else are we doing there’salways tomorrow it’s like the Italianapproach to everything very relaxinglifestyle they have tomorrow we’ll getto it tomorrow that’s how I feel aboutmy bathroom renovation tomorrow anywaythank you guys so much for hanging out Ihope you enjoyed your time I hope youtry what did we make today cookies hopeyou try those cookies oh my goshdelicious all right I’ll see you guysnext time bye

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