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Fun and Fast Activity: No-bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? We are going to use a handful of ingredients you probably already have at home to make no-bake cookies and learn a little about the history of Girl Scout Cookies, too!

Supply List: Butter, Sugar, Milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, creamy peanut butter, vanilla extract, quick cooking oats, measuring cups, 2 large baking sheets, parchment paper. (Can be adapted for dairy, peanut and gluten allergies!)

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Video Transcription

hi Girl Scouts my name is Brianna andI’m the southeast Wyoming recruitmentmanager for the Girl Scouts of Montanaand Wyoming today I’m gonna teach youhow to make no baked cookies these arevery easy to make cookies and they onlyrequire a few simple ingredients thatyou probably have lying around at homethese cookies are loaded with peanutbutter cocoa powder oats and like I saidthey don’t require any baking but besure you ask an adult for help becausesome steps do require you to use a stovewe are also going to talk about someGirl Scout cookie history Girl Scoutshave a long and proud tradition ofselling girl scout cookies I’m sure youare all aware and Girl Scout cookieshave become an iconic piece of Americanculture before we can start making ourno bake cookies we need to first gatherall of our ingredients and measure themout we also need to get two large bakingsheets and line them with parchmentpaper I already have all of myingredients measured out these are theingredients you will need to gatherbefore we start cooking you will needbutter granulated sugar milk unsweetenedcocoa powder creamy peanut buttervanilla extract and quick cooking oatsyou can also make substitutes if youhave different allergies orsensitivities to any of theseingredients for dairy instead of milkuse soy milk and instead of butter youcan use olive oil if substituting oilonly use 3/4 of the recommended amountso instead of 8 tablespoons of butteruse 6 tablespoons of oil for nutsinstead of peanut butter you can usesunflower butter and if you have agluten sensitivity or allergy you canuse gluten-free Ohinstead of regular oats you will need avariety of measuring cups you will needa half cup measure a two cup measure a1/4 cup measure and a teaspoon we needour 3 cups of oats 2 cups of granulatedsugar 1/2 of a cup of milk 1/4 of a cupof unsweetened cocoa powder 1/2 a cup ofpeanut butterwe’ll need 1/4 teaspoon of vanillaextract and we need 8 tablespoons ofbutter cut into small pieces 8tablespoons is also a regular stick ofbutter now that everything is measuredout we are going to place our buttersugar milk and unsweetened cocoa powderinto our saucepan and heat it overmedium heat we need to make sure to stiroften until the butters melted andeverything is well combined now that themixture is well combinedwe just need to stir the mixoccasionally until the butter is meltedyou still see those white chunks inthere that’s the butter once the butterhas melted all the way the next step isgoing to be to watch for a rolling boilonce the mix has started boiling youneed to set a timer for 60 seconds onlylet the mix oil for 60 seconds make sureto continue stirring your mixoccasionally until the boil begins asyou can see mine has already begunboiling you see all the little bubblesonce it gets to a rolling boil I’ll seta timerfor 60 seconds my mix is now at arolling boil so I’m going to set mytimer for 60 secondsbe sure to continue stirringoccasionallyI’m going to turn the oven off andremove my pan from the heat now that Ihave removed the chocolate mix from theheat I’m going to mix in my peanutbutter and my vanilla extract and nowI’m going to stir in the peanut butterand the vanilla extract until it isfully combined now that the peanutbutter is fully combined into the mixwe’re going to add in our oats now we’regoing to just mix this all togetheruntil all of our oats are coated in thechocolate be sure to be careful becausethe stove and your pan will still be hotnow that all of our oats are coated inthe chocolate mix we are going to putthem on our baking sheet so what you’regoing to do is you’re going to grab aspoon and just spoon a little bit of theoats out and plop them right onto thebaking sheet you can kind of form theminto more cookie like shapes just littlecircles is all you neednow that we have all of our cookies ontoour baking sheets you can let them coolon your counter for twenty to thirtyminutes or even put them in therefrigerator to enjoy later while we’rewaiting for these to cool I think I’mgonna start on some of my dishes let’sgo through and learn a little bit of thehistory behind the Girl Scout cookie formore than a hundred years Girl Scoutsand their enthusiastic supporters havehelped ensure the success of the iconicannual cookie sale and as Girl Scoutswe’ve had fun we’ve developed a lot ofvaluable life skills and we’ve made ourcommunities a better place every step ofthe way Girl Scout cookies had theirearliest beginnings in the kitchens andovens of our Girl members whose momsvolunteered as technical advisors thesale of cookies was a way to financetroop activities and began as early as1917 only five years after JulietteGordon low started Girl Scouts in theUnited States the mistletoe troop inMuskogee Oklahoma baked cookies and soldthem in its high school cafeteria as aservice project throughout the nextdecade Girl Scouts in different parts ofthe country continued to bake their ownsimple sugar cookies with their familiesand with help from the community thesecookies were packaged in wax paper bagssealed with a sticker and solddoor-to-door for only 25 to 35 cents perdozenin 1936 the National Girl Scoutorganization began the process oflicensing the first commercial Baker’sto produce cookies that would be soldnationwide by girls in Girl Scoutcouncils enthusiasm for Girl Scoutcookies a spread nationwide and in 2020are already iconic cookies reached a newlevel of awesome with incredible brandnew packaging that puts gold crushingGirl Scout cookie entrepreneurs frontand center on the boxes andit also showcases all of the amazingthings girls learn and do through theGirl Scout cookie program and as GirlScouts thank you for joining to me todayas we learned a little bit more aboutthe Girl Scout cookie program and makingour own and no bake cookies I hope youenjoyed the video and keep your eyes outon our website and on Facebook for morefun videos I think it’s time to enjoysome of these cookies now

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