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I’m not entirely sure when exactly I first got the idea to record a video featuring the Fortune Factory Fortune Cookie Maker in The Sims 3, but it was definitely more than a year ago. This is the first video that I have recorded in The Sims 3 in over a year, and you may or may not have been wondering why that is.

My saved game in Moonlight Falls bloated to 3 times the normal size after I desperately attempted to get the game to save after at least one save game error. I noticed that the game took an unusually long time to save but I otherwise suspected nothing. So I repeated the same habit of deleting the backup for the sake of saving disk space. I got up on the 8th February last year in 2019 to record this very video. But I found that my game save in Moonlight Falls was until further notice… corrupt.

Following another user’s suggestion, I did manage to rescue some things, such as the current members of my active household. Though I needed to use mods to get some of my progress back. I had made countless changes to Moonlight Falls in my master save which took months to make. And I really didn’t want to have to redo everything.

Since I had been trying to turn Moonlight Falls into a more Bridgeport esque world for the last few months before my save became corrupt, I decided to move my current household members – Edward Van Gould and his wife Lindsay – to a fresh save in Bridgeport rather than Moonlight Falls, since I realised that I just couldn’t get enough out of Bridgeport while my Sims were living in Moonlight Falls, and I really needed to start afresh because I was too anxious to redo everything that I’d done in Moonlight Falls.

Another reason I picked Bridgeport is because I got the idea to redesign the world to try and make it look more like Mount Maunganui which is a town in my home country. I noticed the resemblance between Mount Maunganui and Bridgeport, which is why I’m trying to give Bridgeport a makeover to make it resemble Mount Maunganui more closely. Progress is still under development, and I haven’t even finished building the new house for my Sims. To fit in better with the high rise flats in Bridgeport, I decided to try and build a house that looked like a high rise flat. I didn’t want my Sims to move to a high rise flat because of limited customisation options, not to mention not a lot of space to put my Sim’s belongings.

But enough of that, lets get to my attempts at recording this video. My first attempt at recording this video would have been perfect. But my video capture settings were reset at some point during my hiatus from playing the game. Probably while I was moving house. The second recording would have been perfect had I not been so fussy. I felt that the front of the Fortune Biscuit (excuse me, Cookie) Machine being out of the shot was a little below perfect, and since I wanted to get a good recording for what would become my first video in over a year, I decided to try again. Then various things kept getting in the way resulting in multiple failed recordings. One was the sound effect telling me that Edward’s toddler PlantSim daughter Divinea had reached the maximum skill level in playing the xylophone as a toddler.

Another was the NRaas mod throwing a false positive saying that Edward was unroutable when he was actually routable. Another problem was I kept having false starts because I wanted to record the video with a specific song – Rockfalls & Estuaries by Lady Tron – playing in the background, and kept forgetting to ensure that the correct song was playing. I wanted the song to start right when the video started, so I kept having to skip the tracks back to the track I picked out. Then when I had entered Buy/Build Mode for the umpteenth time, the NRaas mod glitched which prevented me from saving or entering live mode. Even using the keyboard shortcuts which sometimes get around the glitch didn’t work. So I had to set everything up all over again.

But finally this video is here. It features Edward and Lindsay Van Gould making Fortune Biscuits (I mean Cookies) For the recording of this video, I modified the colour of the lights to make them a custom blue colour #6464ff, instead of my preferred white lighting. I already used this same lighting for 4 of my previous videos, and intend to use this same lighting for 1 of my future videos, because I thought that the lighting giving the place a rather cold atmosphere to be a rather interesting effect. This video was taken on the 13th May 2020, about an hour ago. So it’s brand new. Enjoy! 🙂

Original of the video here

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