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episode 3, making cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]it’s not fairly light outside no morninggood morning[Music]welcome morning Barney and nose bad wokeup super early this morning and wedecided we would get ready for the dayit’s nice that you joined us somebodyasked us a question they ask how didnose back get his name nose bag do youknow how you got your name oh yes Dannywould you tell us well I come from aplace far away away and there’s a veryspecial restaurant there called the nosebag it is no but nose bags name is thesame name as a restaurant in a country along way away in a country calledEngland in a city called Oxfordand in the city called Oxford is alittle campaign you have to go upstairsbeautiful green cafe salads biscuits andcakes and coffee oh the coffee is goodat the nose bag the nose is closed andhow all has no chairs hmm perhaps itdoes but not forever just for the chairswill come back and the cafe will openagain I think I’ll take notice back backto England when I can get on anaeroplane but that’s not likeBali says can we do something fun todayoh boy let’s do something fun todayBobby says can we do something nice forsomebody else today bye that’s a lovelyideaBali would like to make cookies I thinkyes Bali let’s go to the kitchen andmake cookies he wants to get somethingfrom his suitcase first okay let’s findout what it isnext seeI don’t think it will be the leprechaunwe’ll find outHolly Ali withBali with staying inside to bake cookiesI don’t think you’ll need your umbrellawould you put it back in your suitcaseah he doesn’t want his umbrella to goback in the suitcase okayyou think you need your umbrella for thecookies we better take the umbrella withus come on let’s go to the kitchen herewe are in the kitchen or together mumsand dads grandparents and caregivers Iwant to show you something very veryimportant I think it’s important at thistime of all the changes to remember comewith me just a momentgood mums have sticky floors dirty ovensand happy kids not everything is goingto be perfectat this time in our livesdo the best you can it’s all any of uscan do let’s go back to Bali and noseback okay YouTubeyou funny fellow with your umbrellalet’s put up my apron on Jennyyes nose bag too you can of course youcan let’s I’ve got one here there you goit’s pennygoes around your waist no it won’t betoo tight is that just right of coursebody – yes Bobby’s penny hey Bobby we’llneed to put your own brother down ThankYou Polly Oh No thank you all good -your friend not too tight on Bobby justrightare we ready to make cookies ready comeon all right herebarley will not forget his umbrellawhy don’t we go we’ve got butter in themixer well we need some more things toobarley says we’ve got to put some sugarin these cookies come on then Barneyno spike you sit right there be ready toset the control when I need it here wego Andros the sugar nobody you’rehelping me very well but your umbrellais a little bit in the way can we moveit just for a little bit[Music]okay nose back turn it on turn it on alittle faster well there goes our cookiethey get ready well let that menot a spatulathe sugar does not want to mix in withthe butter – well everything’s got towork together time for the eggs wecollected these eggs from the chickensThank You chickens Thank You chickensbarley you sit here next to nose bagyeah yes nose bagonly wants his umbrella okay there yougo Bobby have your umbrella2 eggs 1 egg 2 eggs mix it upsome vanillawe’ll make yummy cookiesa little bit of baking sodaa little bit of saltand in just a moment we’ll put a wholelot of flour here we gothat’s why Bobby wanted is I’m gonna OhFarley he’s a clever fellow Oh lot offlour into our cookiesand let’s make them the chocolate chipwhat do you think knows do you jumpymixer body you wise thing look how muchflour did not go on you look at thatBali’s umbrellas covered in flourhello fellow can I put your umbrellaaway now he said I canI’ll clean that up later hey nose bagyou ready to help too it’s time to takeour cookies over so the cookie pan Ithink Bali you and I get this cookiedough off paddle paddle in the hole totake it to the oven you can see we didthat together thank youthese are the green door cookies veryvery tastythey go nose bag there you go buddyhere is our baking sheetyes can we give some cookies to friendswell how could we do that because wecouldn’t go and play with friends rightnowJenny can we put it in the package inthe castle put it at our friends housesyes most bad we could do that goodthere’s a little lady alumni on our loadand she doesn’t have anybody to fake hercookiescan we take her son well we have to waittill they’re cooked till they’re warmcooled down andwe have to wait until it’s a little bitlater in the morning but then we can gofor a walk and drop off the cookieswe’ll just put them on the front porchring the doorbell and stand back thatcan be our special waywe put them in the oventhey’re ready they’re getting done let’scheck them nowgood enoughare you two ready I’m going to take themout they smell delicious very hot barleystay back looks like we’ve made somegood cookie yes and buy me an ioniccookie of course you can meet honey withmilk yes I got some milk ready for you -thank youwe’ll do the milk in a minute let’s getall the cookies – cool now on thecooling rack don’t youyes no I think I neighbors will be veryhappy hmmI think so too finally let’s take yourapron off we’re finished baking nowwill you help me pour the milk thank youlittle four barley and a little fournose bag Jenny will you have some milkhuhno nose bag I’m waiting for my morningcup of coffee but thank you for offeringhere we are one milk nose bag one milkfor Bali one cookie for nose bag onecookie for Bali and I’ll have a cookiewith my coffee let’s put the others in acontainer in a special package ready togo to our neighbor come on you helpedtooor diewe’ll say bees or somebody elsehold on the lid and we’ll take it to ourneighbors later maybe you can dosomething nice for somebody that youknow maybe somebody in your house maybesomebody who is a neighbor ask your momsand dads and your grandparents and yourcaregivers what can I do and maybe justmaybe you can make something for yourspecial friendswe’ll see you another day at the greendoor be well[Music]you[Music]

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