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Episode 12: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

1 cup whole milk
3/4 sugar
2 tbs vanilla essence
2 cups heavy cream

15 Oreos with the cream taken out

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys hi friends welcome to my showkids can cook with chef Alexander we aremaking eggless egg West cookies andcream ice cream I just want to thank myfriend Vivian for getting this new coolapron I never worn it before but this isthe first time so we’re gonna getstarted right now and we also got itfrom my birthday she’s from my school sowe’re gonna pour the milk in and we havesome sugar and we had some vanillaessencelet’s pour the milk in first now we’regoing on to the sugar and let me tellyou something about sugar if you have aliquid with sugar it melts the sugar andthat’s we want it to melt and we’regonna have the next step with cookieneed cleaningbig heavy cream so now going to thevanilla essence drop drop drop lookslike blue colored drop drop and now itlooks Brown and we’re gonna mix it withmy hand mixer we don’t want to go likehigh cuz that’ll all splat out so we’rejust need to go to the bottom[Music]we’re having a break now so I’ll see youon the night stophi guys hi friends welcome backso our sugar is melted so we’re using awhip it set up the hand mixer if I wasso happy mixture go like well splat orwe don’t like it too sickcuz don’t like be so bad this is heavycream it’s 2 cups so we’re gonna pourthe cream in wow it looks yellow nowstead up stand and now we’re gonna mixit up[Music]we’re having a breath now so I’ll seeyou on the next step[Music]hi guys hi friends welcome back so ourice cream base stay in the fridgeovernight remember how we had to comeback from tennis and soccer we have itwas nighttime so we can’t do it in nighttime so we have the cake mean ice creambase I forgot that partthis is our ice cream maker so we’regonna pour it in into this bowl I don’twant to spill anythingall of itokay okay so now I have to put this bowlon here I just put it in the base likeright it’s good so now we have to putthis this it’s kinda like something thata popcorn maker does it has this but myours is like much been here so so now weget to turn it on it twist this oh okayso now we got to turn it on its way[Music]make the time to I secretround and round they go[Music]hi guys hi friends welcome back so ourice-cream machine is still turningbecause it has to stay in there for 20minutes so we have this rolling pinbecause we need a mask in for use inthis bag so we have to hold it from herebecause if you hold it from here thenyour hand will be like brush I don’tknow why not smash it with this it’salways like that’s okay special guestcoming to help me to make our twodaiquiri it’s Natalie caddy like thisthen is her teddy bear meat that Emmagave her beautiful[Music]so now I’m trying to smashyeah don’t fold it from don’t load itfrom here okay it’s like bang[Music]okay I’m outta here right here go let’ssmash now my turn[Music][Music][Music]so our ice-cream is still turning wehave to attest return for at least tenminutes so[Music]maybe[Music]we’re having a break now so I’ll see youon the next step Wow hi guys hi friendswelcome back so all of the ice cream isgreat so all the cookies are inside ofit but we still have some more righthere so we’re gonna put this ice creamin here in the spatula we made it musicfor taking the the ice cream out sothat’s the pour some of the cookie thenbecause we didn’t get the corner so youcan’t believe it[Music]it’s off and now we get to take this offbeautiful this is now we get the scoopsummer still so now we get to take itokay you don’t want like the ice creamso we go he’s free to go away so this isthe only chance tonight babe and I speedby myself so someone’s gonna get it nowscoop not the best choice what will youtakewhere’s my oh this is much better sotake it away scoop an ice cream scoopso we’re having a break now so I’ll seeyou on the next step hi guys hi friendswelcome backso our ice cream it’s already want tosee it in this pan so we’re gonna leaveit in the in the fridge for a couple out[Music]almostand in my video and the ice cream isalmost done so we’re waiting for that Iseem to be done he’s done nowyeah my mom my brother was hurt so hewas[Music]hi guys welcome backso our ice cream is cold right now soI’m gonna make rainbow popsicles onsummer so this is our special guestnataliemarie Charbonnet so let’s try ourice cream oh yeah so good the cookiesare great frosting no not for usice cream is great it’s alright so yeahso I’ll see you on the next show kidscan cook push up Outlander bye guys I’llsee you on the next show[Music][Music]

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