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Easy chocolate chip cookies for kids! Recipes for Kids

Kid’s Cook! Let your kids learn to make these easy and yummy chocolate chip cookies! Yummy yummy

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Video Transcription

hi everybody welcome to kid cook I don’t
know about you but I really want a
oh my cookie jar oh no no problem
because today I want to teach you guys
how to make easy chocolate chip cookies
with me that you’ll probably already
have now let’s get started before we
start making let’s preheat the oven to
350 degrees while you’re doing this make
sure you have parish permission then our
first step of baking we’re gonna
microwave the butter for 40 seconds
now we wait be careful when you take it
out because the bull could be hot next
we mix the half a cup of butter with
half a cup of white sugar with a quarter
of a cup of brown sugar and mix
now we stir in one large a
and two teaspoons of vanilla
now we stir once this is mixed we add 1
and 3/4 of a cup of all-purpose flour
and 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda now we
once is thoroughly mixed we had one cup
of chocolate chips young
and then we mix it
not too many or you won’t have enough to
make cookies now this is my favorite
first we’re going to grab our pan my pan
is made out of silicone but you can make
you can use any type of paper as long as
you put all of the little or parchment
paper now we’re going to grab the
cookies with our hands and we’re going
to put them on this not too big
remember about two inches apart from
each other they look good
and into the oven they go be careful
it’s hot
cook them for seven to ten minutes or
until the edges are slightly golden oh I
think they’re ready let’s take them out
but let’s be careful because they’re hot
now let’s take them out so I can enjoy
once they cool down it’s ready to enjoy
a corn with a glass of milk thanks for
watching if you want more videos like
this like it subscribe

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