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Day three and Katie tries to become less board by making cookies but exposes her sadness of being quarantined.

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Video Transcription

hey guys so today on the third day ofquarantine we make chocolate chipcookies and I’m often send me picturesof dogs right now yes so first we needto get cert the oven at 305 and I justgot out of bed and this is going to bemy breakfast lunch brunch it’s almostlike between lunch and dinner so is thatletter like gonna wash my hands first weactually have some paper towelsWow may not want to use thatcan you say hi to the cameracrazy Oh we’re gonna take the cookiesput them into the oven oh it’s not quitethere but close enough we’re gonna putthem in and set a timer I would highlyrecommend using that to take them out Imean you could probably do it without ifyou went like really quick you mightburn yourself so I use an oven mitt sowe’re gonna grab one of those right nowI just I just don’t think they’re doneall right so the timer went off for theto a minute and pretty good it’s afrowny-face pretty good thanks sothey’re extremely gooey right now and Idon’t know if that’s normal you know healready copped peas how did it tasteokay so it tasted pretty goodthey’re very gooey and I feel likethat’s not normal but it has that goldenbrown that the package was talking aboutall rightso that’s on Nestle that’s not on me soI’m gonna serve my first cookie whatpiece do you what you want the eyeballor would you like the frowny face allright so he would like an eyeball sowe’re gonna like oh it’s so gooey of itall right so we’re using the spatula andit’s not cooperating so it’s not gonnalook as pretty but it didn’t transfernicely butfry his cookie how does it tastethese two goons we actually finished thecookies actually three games alrightthat’s it for today but I will see youin quarantine tomorrow

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