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How to Bake Honey Cookies

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Video Transcription

I so today we’re going to be doing a newrecipe to me we’re going to be makinghoney cookies it’s apparently an oldGerman recipe according to the internetso let’s do itso let’s go ahead and preheat the ovento 350 and we’ll just get that startedfirst so our first step is to melttogether the first three ingredientswhich are going to be a cup of sugareight ounces of honey and a cup ofshortening which I have already pulledout so I got my sugar right here thispan might be too smalland then this is some farmers markethoney I have about 8 ounces here get allthat in there a lot of artisan bunniesthis honey was actually done with sageflowers so it’s got I guess a lightertaste than other kinds of honey we’rejust got honey on my stove whoo and thenI’ve got a cup of shortening here then Ican’t get outso I might keep it on low heat for nowon any of the ingredients shortening inmy opinion is disgustingI don’t entirely know what it is and I’mnot sure I want to know and and it goeswhich I wouldn’t be eating that later soand the goal here is just to melt theseingredients together so there’s kind ofto warm them up enough to help combinethemso you can see it’s starting to cometogether a little bit which is fantasticwhen I keep spilling it and giving it onmy stove so I recommend maybe a largerpan than this creviceyou know kind of a whisk otherwise Irisk this to get the lumps so that isnow a nice color so I’m going to goahead and turn off the heat and let thiscool so going into the big mixing bowlare going to be two eggs some bakingsoda some pure vanilla extract and thenground ginger it’s all going to go inthereso here we go we’re gonna start with theeggs one egg two eggs next we need ateaspoon of vanilla I’ve got a 1/2teaspoon measure in my hand so you’regoing to see me do two scoops of vanillaone two and then we’re also going toneed a teaspoon of baking sodatwo and a teaspoon of ground gingerlet’s do one and then we’re going togradually add the honey shortening andsugar mixturewhile this is all being combinednext we’re going to be adding four cupsof flour graduallyso now that the cookie dough has allbeen combined and ready to go I’m goingto start putting it on cookie sheetsyou[Music]you

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