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Cookin’ Cheap 13- Episode 1325-1993- More Cookies!!!!! Orange No Bake Cookies Choc. Ice Box Cookies

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Video Transcription

[Music]more cookies it’s incredible how didthey get in here it’s their job we’rebeing watched by cameras various andnumerous ones thank you ladies andgentlemen for your card remember keepyour cards and letters people doing thatthey got in a lot of trouble one usingcameras to watch people oh okay firstthing I got oh maybe we ought to tellwhat we’re doing we’re doing cookies incase you couldn’t figure that outJohnson sort of wandering aimlessly inthe back well hey I’ve just had ahorrible thing he’s only had 20 minutesto get ready for this thing did standingaround waiting to get ready and what’shappened I forgot one of the ingredientsso we’re gonna have to punch right hereon TV well we can do it I’m sorrycrime you like them chocolate iceboxcookies and then by Samuel Nielsen ofMira Loma California Samuel Nielsen alsooperates the Nielsen television companynow it’s joking I don’t know what he didthere a casar of somewhere in Nebraskasomewhere in the breast oh ma sure it’shard to remember Omaha Nebraska I sentin these recipes for orange no bakedcookies and let me tell you somethingit’s gonna take a while because I’ve gotto grind up all of these vanilla waferswe’re also going to have a very rareappearance by the very lovely and someof the love-juice Doris for it yesshe’ll be here – they’ll be here firstthing I have to do is take a big oldstick of butter and put it on the stoveand melt it with six ounces which is 1/2a bag of these morsels sweet morselssweet morselthis is semi-sweet so keep your sweetmorsel to yourself what I like I’ll waittill the butter gets to melt in just alittle bit now put them in there I needprobably uh I like to use a wooden spoonfor this operation can’t stand there shegoes to get the wooden spoon you hear alittle footsteps in the back ofwanted to get the wooden spoon butanyway now these look like interestingcookies did Doris says she tried themthey’re real good is that what we’reeating around here todayDoris brought up pile of cookies I guessthose are the ones she brought for theshow I thought those were for us and Idumped half of them in my bag did younotice that I didokay well Papa’s got a brand-new bag soanyway she always comes from pears soI’ll take these and dump them in there awhole half of one of those six ouncesand all put those in there too and meltthem slowly because you don’t want toburn them and then a couple minuteswe’ll come back now show you the secondof three different installations ofthese cookies Johnson installation ohwell all right well I’m just going wellyou got to ground up your wafers houseCubs you have chosen every recipe thisyear that requires 20 minutes a brandwell you know it’s the old grind sameold grind you got to have a whole box ofvanilla wafers and I checked in vanillawafers currently come in 12 ounce boxesregardless of the manufacturer they’reall made in some place in MemphisTennessee doesn’t make any differencewhose whose it and it is estate in somelow bakery in Memphis that’s what theydodown the mr. Handy’s neck of the woodsMill Street right I love Memphis toemphasis we like Memphis that’s wayoffice of Memphis now after you’ve gotyour your cookies ground up being thecrow you got your ho work you drop awhole big old stick of butter down inthere gives meet Ramona not your helpand you’re gonna work that in withthose cookies is looking beautiful I gotin the oven and smell good too here lookhere’s a wafer fell over in the hole butdied you worthless wafer for you I needa small mixing bowl oh talking to missDoris over here I didn’t know I was onnice of you to come by well this stuffis all melted right now so it’s readywe’ll go turn that off and now we’regetting ready to do some other stuff butwe’re so entranced with mr. Johnsongrinding up his vanilla wafers that Iwouldn’t miss one now another hour of itnow this is where I’ve messed up todayyes I have I have made it big fatmistake what I did was you’re supposedto put in a can of frozen orange juiceconcentrate which I left at home in myfreezerbut anyway it’s I also determined thatit’s got to be one of those little bittycans you know the kind it only makesenough for you and you’re honing so justa little can of orange juice concentrateclosed bureau didn’t well maybe yourhoney is it at home well good heavens Ibelieve that thing had a leak out so Ihave put in another stick of margarineto compensate for the orange juice issupposed to be in your little is itleaky spirit butter maybe your honey’sat homee drinking yours up I don’t thinksoI got no honey or body if you want to dothat one too[Music]give it up Oh for heaven’s sake wellit’s gonna take a whileoh you want me to go on yeah go on DorisI need a wooden spoon what a mess I gotto be careful because I’m uptiming some cookies that I just food inthe oven a few minutes ago I believethey’re about ready I need to get themout we got that fine ring oh I forgot toset the timer cuz they’re putting mymicrophone on and as you know that’sright smart of a big deal with Mel downhere a TV station yeah that’s aproduction second only to going with thewindladies and gentlemen oh well I don’tneed that at all little Melvin masterlittle Melvin master 2/3 cup of sure nowhere’s what we’re gonna hear is whatwe’re gonna mix together till fluffy youremember fluffy fluffy was a great dogbut we accidentally well nevermind justherbs cup of sugar I don’t want to getthe animal rights people now I have mycats to love my cats don’t we hear noguff from nobody alright an egg brownones are better people will believeanything one thing there’s no differenceladies and gentlemen a brown egg anyother egg don’t leave I tell you that3/4 teaspoonvanilla what works if they’ve beenpoached they’re different from hard-boilhuhwell it’s a little thing from the eggsometimes well we have managed ladiesand gentlemen to gag people and cookiesdown here it’s cooked a little bit butnow let’s just let me do that then youmix that to a fluffy and that’s it nowyou gotta put these drop nuts in here soI’ve got a cup of chopped peanuts ohdearwhat do you mean did you forget to turnit on oh no no no no oh they’re real atall they’re just lovely is it beautifulbut I think I traveled something elseWowWak Wak Wakwell Johnson’s on Johnson ruk onsenentertain the people they say well I’mtrying to I gotta punch this stuff downin here cuz it isn’t binding up rightwell while he’s doing that I’m gonna mixthis mixture until fluffy that’s thesugar and egg and holy moley could wepossibly turn on some other motors herethat would be nice I hope you aregetting this in stereo at home becauseyou’ll get a mixer at home a big wad isturning look at it Oh Oh big wad turnthere it goes well boy that’s prettylook at that startling close-up John andyou got a look at that that looks likesome kind of a nature program yeahbeaver okay now look at this you seethis this is nice and fluffy that’s downto the fluffy stage very loved oh verylovely there you go we’re gonna mix thatwith some other stuff in a minute backto jumps alright and now I have to addtwo cups of powdered sugaryou reckon there’s anything else you canthrow in there yeah grand masti[Music]let’s put my finger on a hot thing oh noyou put your finger out put my fingersright down on that thing well look Idon’t have any scissors waiter now ifthe FBI comes yeah I don’t have any OhNo LOB’s no more oh look at this theseare the cookies when the commence itlooks like our house last week what isit Hollis Oh Johnson that’s a mess whatin the world’s wrong with you I don’tknow he has lost his good senses[Music]but nothing will help it I’m sorry ma’amwe’ve lost a patient that’s probably theworst thing I ever seen what do you neednowwell anyway Lee no we’re just trying Iknow but just wait a minute just Oh giveme there’s no help for the ignorantladies and job anyway there’s just somethings you can’t do for a trippy thingover here Oh Lord and it’s a terriblemess here look at this[Music]come on I don’t care go right here nowwe got to do the drive part 1 and 3/4cup of all-purpose flour goes in heremaybe I better slow down a littleyou’re not finished are you no no I’m ohthank you 3/4 cup of that and becausethis could take me a little bit add 3/4of a teaspoon of baking sodathat was a tablespoon but I only used3/4 of teaspoon because I’m very welladjusted mix all that refrigerator up soanyway now I’m the king of friends nowthat I have a plate door next thing youdo what’s your upper go out again no oknow that that was came back they closedin there alright that goes in there likethis and also this other mixture whichyou did the fluffy fluffy mixture madeolive oil fluffy that goes in there alsoand then we start mixing it around andwe hope it comes out the rightconsistency and if it doesn’t we’regonna have to add a little bit morestuff to make it firmer well this iswhat man is supposed to look like afterit’s been thoroughly creamed and youknow worked on that’s it there it iswell that’s a far cry from what we saw awhile ago well it just takes a while togetI’m sorry a bitty view manufacturers orfood processors are out there and wantto send us one with a big bowl we’d beglad to thank you publicly for it youknow get the pictureanyway this stuff is real you have toput it after you’ve gotten it thoroughlydone with your orange juice everythingyou put it in the Frigidaire overnightand until it gets real good and cold andthen you make a little ball out of itand you roll it over here in the coconut[Music][Music]subculture we’ll pick up on that but alittle bit of wax paper gonna put thatdown here in a minute you can tell whatkind of a crew we got when they couldsing along with songs like thatWoodstock days okay put that down putthat careful you might hurt yourselfthat night no I don’t Mar you throughwith it what then with the knife youneed it no I thought maybe you mightwant to put it over there cause you knowif you’re having one of those days Idon’t like no no no I don’t believe I’mhaving one of those days I’ve had agreat Davis judge I believe maybe you’rehaving one of those days but anyway whatare you doing now I’m rolling max upinto coconuts letters to thank heavensthey don’t sing we’ve made an effort todo several special numbers ever sincethen how many does that make a lot whichlegatee makes the world of alright allthese things all night all you’re gonnado is play here’s what this looks likethis water stuff I don’t like theconsistency of this as good as I didwhen I just put the whole ones in youcanwithhold chocolates you’re gonna noticethere’s a little difference between thatand that and the reason is I didn’t knowthat you were supposed to melt chocolatechips first cause my recipe didn’t saythat but you are but you can do iteither way but it’s a little bit easierto handle initially that way but it’smuch more difficult when it comes out ofthe refrigerator if you haven’t done itthis way because almost impossible tocut them with the whole of semi-sweetbits in there now you take them and thissort of roll them like so and thatpretty I think I got it off to the endone a little bit far and put that inrefrigerator and cool it real good soundlike a dead down taking those home nownext thing you do when they come outthey real hard like that true they’rewell they’re supposed to be oh I didneed that knife Johnson I was rackingwouldn’t be as pretty as it is wellwe’ve got itwe forgotten we got to look and seewho’s outside the window ain’t nobody inthe weather todayoh yes there is who is itchampionship world wrestler Ric Flairfight out there sir right with dustyrose all right now watch your cookieseat and see this stuff sets up realfirm but here’s a problem you get intowhen you don’t melt these four wait aminute they get snot Ric Flair that’sone of our former secretaries well theyare right Rob look at some ungreasedabout that big about that thick so wegive you a cookie about like that whenit comes out all right real nice but asyou can see it’s a little messy if youdon’t melt it first because you got acut up cut him in half but I like themthis way oh I’m so glad you doyou know Johnson sometimes you’re such apill don’t get me wrong he’s a goodfriend we still speak after 13 yearsjust barely but baby is a real pillseven minutes are the cook sisters herewait a minute make it 375 for 7 to 8minutes oh yeah we do have the cook arethey here to them they are well goodlet’s bring his old world we love theold cook sisters they’re wonderful we wewent to the home with our cameras not solong ago captured them on the magic ofvideotape in here they are whatever Heyjust it you can take off about 200calories off that massive meal you eatevery day if you just row the boat for30 minutes so get out your battleeverybody dad wants you to paddle yourown canoe anyway I don’t want to do itand I’m not gonna do it I’m gonna stayright here and you look good in an oarlock I’m sister and I’m to to cook andwe put those in the oven to 375 for 7 to10 minutes it’ll get real brown theytell you that they don’t get real brownand when they come out they look likedoors for a lot of paperwork again theirweakness cookies this is fine for peoplethe right Drive we’re gonna be regularpeople can’t stand flour allergy to fireit’s got peanut butter raises a lot ofoatmeal and butter sugar a lot of[Laughter]I put a badge in and I forgot to set thetime we’ve done something with your hairno but I will know but anyway I leftthem in too long the last back and theywere better I felt like they werecrunchy err they’re pretty good so youknow you’re right they would be bettercrunchy but someone right now I thoughtthey were Johnson caught in a zone butsomebody in flower oh this is wonderfulhopefully a sealed permanent oh thosethings are cat is your man okay thankyou very much and here’s your paperworkwell is that it Johnson yeah that’s alllet’s see if we have airmail I believeit’s time for some air Oh Ariel Smith’swhich mist which egg let’s see what saiddear boy she’s a witchy woman we’ve beenwaiting all season for some really goofyrecipes you came close with the pigtailsbut please for us juicy lovers let’shave something some really goofy recipesand it’s signed mr. mrs. M Mouse wellyou know every year on the last show ofthe current season we’d like to do thetruly bizarre recipes that have beensent in to us that we just didn’t knowwhat to do with all year and we got somestrange ones what we do I’m gonna doturkey balls well and Larry is doingcottage cheese patties panty enduranceis doing the wildest squash fritteryou’ve ever heard of what’s it calledthe wildest squash brenner you everheard of it’s called she’s doing squashprinters mm-hmm so Bree got squashfritters turkey balls and cottage cheesepattylike a meal you won’t want to miss ohyeah that’s the orange no baked cookiesscented by Vera kisser of Omaha Nebraskaone box of vanilla fingers one cube ofsoft Margery two cups powdered sugar onecan that’s a little bitty can of orangejuice concentrate and a cup of crushednuts and coconut to roll them in just sobadtried today you’ll like them what’s thistryam you like them chocolate iceboxcookies sitting by Samuel Nielson themirror loom my Californio mwah 2/3 cupof sugar and eggs 3/4 teaspoon ofvanilla 6 ounces of chocolate chips it’sa half a bag half a cup of butter 1 and3/4 cups all-purpose flour 3/4 teaspoonof baking soda makes a lot serves plentythe wheatless chewy cookies sit in byLucy Hanks of Radford Virginia whichlovely Doris did a stick of margarinesoftened a cup of brown sugar a cup ofgranulated sugar 3 eggs teaspoon ofvanilla 2 cups peanut butter 4 and 1/2cups quick cooking oatmeal 2 teaspoonsof baking soda a cup of golden oh herewe are in the lovely cookin cheap diningroom well I’m gonna round one of mycookies because I think they look goodmmm I love a now once you tryone of these lovely these are orange nobig balls try it you’ll like itwell ain’t it good they are justdeliciousthey really are have you tried got achoke what I made down well you thinkit’s not bad for a cookie[Laughter]they are better with the chocolatemelted into it these orange would havegot a real nice orange flavor to it ifyou remember to put well that’s ourcookie show ladies and gentlemen that’sthe way the cookie crumblesno no y’all come on back here[Music]

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