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Video Transcription

aslam nakum viewers welcome back to ourchannel the family cooks today we aremaking cookie dough cookies but firstturn on the notification bell down belowso that whenever we post a new video youwill get a notification so yeah let’sbegin our mixture first we need 125grams of unsalted melted butter and 1egg I have already mixed it together add230 grams of caster sugar and 1 teaspoonof baking powder then add 2 tablespoonsof milk or whipping cream and 1 TSP ofvanilla essence use the spoon to mixeverything together really wellthen add a pinch of salt and give it astir using your spatula and then blendit all together for about 5 minutesusing your mixer so that the sugar isblended well with the butter then add300 grams of all-purpose flour in themixture and knead the dough you canalways add it in portions so that youhave a better mix but I always add itall together because that’s how Iusually do it so keep mixing it untilyou get a proper dough texture like soin the video then add 2 tablespoons ofNutella and mix it well again then Iadded some chocolate chunks and kneadedthe dough again which you can absolutelyskip because at the end we’re gonna addsome chocolate chips over the cookiesso yeah the cookie dough is ready nowwe’re gonna make some cookies out of itI made the regular cookie shapes you canuse cookie cutter to make differentshapes then top them up with somechocolate chips and meanwhile pre-heatyour oven at 160 degrees for about 5minutes then bake your cookies for about15 to 20 minutes at the same heatmeanwhile you can keep checking on thecookies so that they are not burnt oranything and here you go the cookies areready you can always serve them withsome ice cream or some milkshake weserved it with some ice cream and don’tforget to subscribe to our channel likeour videos comment and turn on thenotification bells thank you so much forwatching

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