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Basically Bailey – Baking Cookies

Learn how to bake cookies with Bailey! Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel so you can enjoy more fun videos to come!

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Video Transcription

[Music]hey guys it’s Barry hereso today we’re gonna be doing that thiscookie thing and then the first thingyou really need to do is you need toheat up your oven so you don’t have toturn them off and on cookies and youroven when you’re ready here we’re gonnapeek yeah all rightthe ovens are heating so now we’re gonnaget started so the first thing we needto do as you need to get this cup allthe way to the topand we’re still not getting much so thenext thing we’re going to be doing thebaking soda ain’t nothin gonna be doinis either and insults in the Imam how doI get itso if mine if I need help my mom’s can Ibe helping where pursue me so make sureI’m you just like she’s aroundeverywhere just put the stool everywherenow[Music]so you stir your hand up with becauseyou don’t really have anything to do seeindustry of course but sometimes for Idon’t really use my hands like that Ijust rub just to make it all like dostuff the onion lie on here this thing’snasty now others check this to the sideand get the silver so let’s uh step thatright over there and get this so hardalready here so the next time we’regonna get that butterI got no friendsso next so next we’re gonna be I thinkhe’s your wave I’ve done so next thingwe’re doing is sugar pattern paddocksI’m gonna get my needles so you cannever have enough sugarso we’re sick huh just can’t wanna makepot so we got vanilla with a scissorspin my mom can you watch we’re gonna doit just bring your court on the butterpour down that’s goodand now we’re gonna mix it so the nextthing I might need a suit myself go overhere so now we’re gonnaturn-offs a scaredy-cathey hi Emma[Music]Oh[Music]chocolate[Music][Music]make it stop so now we’re gonna add thedry ingredients what’s is the flour sowe’re gonna put it I thinkso next we’re gonna meet in the mixturedownyeah[Music]now whatnow stuff is on my hands sticking to itif I stick it Oh easy this is harderthan I thought it would be wise enoughcool don’t just that man on the floorthe next thing we have to put these inoutso I want to go over the pretty high onyour mom I’m I knew if the oven gets hotyou you don’t want it um to let it burnon you because any more of the sceneshe’s not doing any more so let your momor dad to help put the cookies in theoven for 10 minutes here just be patientor you couldn’t eat your dinner or dosome of your homework and why it’swaiting by the time you get done withyour dinner it probably would be donecuz only ten minutes so we’re gonna waitbe patient and be quiet and just or youcan eat their piggies anywaythat’s pretty healthy now she gonna sithere on my way gonna sit there all theday oh yeah go against here all daygonna be everywhere gonna see yourethink – every day these are done let’sgo get home so now we just sit and letthem cool off by the way you couldn’tjust look at them that’s how good theyareso guys thanks for watching my video cuzif you want to wrinkle cookies this ishow you make up if you wanna make themby yourselfif you need anything just help just callanyone cuz these are what they look likehere’s the good so that’s a maker butthen after you’re done without you soonenough nice boxso maybe next time I see you I’m gonnashow you how to put them in a box like alittle box container without eventouching it guess what you’re gonna haveto decorate them with icing which welldies plink back to side button and watchmy channel what you got there mmm-hmmThanksdad I made this for me but I guess Ican’t care yeah so hmmbut thanks for watching bye the firststep we need to get her oven good[Music]

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