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Bake cookies with us

►2 sticks (1 cup) of unsalted butter
►1/2 cup granulated sugar
►1 cup light brown sugar
►2 large eggs
►2 tsp vanilla extract
►3 cups all-purpose flour
►2 tsp baking powder
►1/2 tsp salt
►1 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips or at your liking

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back today we aremaking homemade baked cookies I went tothe store I went to Dollar General on myway to Ray’s house because I was I needto buy some chocolate chipsI need to pick up some baking sodabecause we only have baking powder and Idon’t know if that works the same and Ibought me some measuring cups becauseyou know it’s mix again we don’t reallymeasure nothing we just put a little bitof this a little bit of that you likeeyeball in you know for the videopurpose I wanted to give exactmeasurementsso I got I picked this in the back[Music]we are making cookies with me is mychannel yeah so you’re gonna follow thisyou mean butter if you want to make yourtippy hey so we’re gonna start off withtwo sticks of butter we’re gonna puthalf a cup of granulated white sugar anda cup of brown sugar[Laughter]we don’t have a hand mixer or a littlespatula thingy so so we gotta doeverything was butter yeah it’s twosticks of butter it’s supposed to getcreamy don’t you want a ladder what areyou making cookies chocolate chips[Music][Music][Music]okay[Music]what am i poor too much but let me diebefore they let me that’s what I’mtrying to do mixover here I’ve already measured outexcuse me three cups of flourDominic can you fill this up with nojust one and then you’re gonna put twotablespoons the one that says teaspoon 1teaspoon and we’re gonna have to mix allof that together but let me go get abigger[Music][Music][Music][Music]yeah yeah cuz our other one is out don’tdump it in the okay your genomic and ahalf after we’re gonna snap these afterwe do this you know bein okay wardengood now you have to mix[Music][Music]why are you stopping it you’re supposedto be putting it in and like mixing itnot like stabbing it like killing yet[Music]it’s not finished it is alreadypreheated to 350 degrees you can do thesame thing or you can make it differentbut let a grown-up do this so we’re justgonna put it in there for eight minutesI’m gonna go check out the last slideOh

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