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bake cookies w mella and me 🍪 – Vlogmas Day 4

today’s agenda : baking cookies 🍪

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enjoy 😉

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to us imaginationand today is a dog Wednesdaydreamy[Music]and as you can see my mom is kind oftall because she’s on a stool and todaywe’re gonna make Christmas chocolatechip cookies so we have our party’salready made mixing and we’re going tomake it more fancy by using these cookiecutters which I’m not sure which one youwant to use really we have medium bowlwe have small boy we have extra smalland extra extra small boy so I know whatI’m saying is these two because they’retoo small this is a rainy I’m gonna usethis one the medium class video one ispretty good so we already have our roomtemperature butter ready and we have toget an egg and one ovarydon’t hit me like Charlie shade forturns a good it’s perfectly it’s an eggthat was dropped it okay so now I needto move my water okay okay so firstthing we need to do is basically movethe camera because you can’t see whatI’m doingso basically this is what the best angleI can choose so I’m gonna get a boardexcuse me so hello to myself firstI’m going to crack the over hey where’sour whiskey[Music]what I just did so when you’re cookingyou have to use your energy like you’remad okay what’s up[Music][Music][Music]for me[Music]

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