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Aussie Girls Make Cookies

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Video Transcription

any Tigers in today’s video we’re goingto be making chocolate chip cookies[Music]one half of cup of self-rising flouroh is it be messythat’s guys smiley next we add 1/3 cupof castor sugar after that we add in aquarter of a cup of brown sugarokay now that going in 180 eyesunderwater teaspoongood[Music]now we’re going to add this entirepacket of chocolate chip cookies not theentire packet just a little bit of it asI said we’re doing when it stops I’llhold the ball you know that we carrywhat we do need a little bit more nowthis is the best feeling everwhat was that noiseI’m just a little bit of milk okaycan you like hold a bowl cause I’mscaredall food tastes like cheese[Music]yeah just put it on to you[Music]and you got Tony doing I thought prettymove a little before I didyouso this is how they turned out they lookgreat thanks for watching see you nextweek I’ll actually say the Celsiusdegrees without really well now we’regoing to preheat the oven to 190Australian degrees to cook these of 15minutes[Music]all right

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