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making cookies!!! Vlog *fun*

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Video Transcription

[Music][Music]okay so today on the law agenda all wereally have is school which I’m justthrilled about because school is my backlove it so yeah that’s what I’m going tobe doing but first I know literallyeverybody’s gonna judge me about thisbut stay hydrated okay so I know thattime was like dad like a while ago but Istill like mine zone yeah deal with italso it’s baking time later todaybecause I think we have my mom we’regonna be making something it’s likechocolate and peanut butter which if youguys don’t know I love peanut butter andI love chocolate so this is gonna be sogood so I’m doing some school and I justhave a question so I’m in middle schoolright and I don’t understand do you guysstill have spelling because I feel likespelling something you stopped doing noschool but I don’t know I just haveheard that sorry I really like oldpeople yeah but yeah so now we’re in mykitchen and I just mentioned earlierthat I was gonna be making cookies thatare three ingredients and they comesreally good wash its poor but still thestick and the first ingredient is peanutbutter and I love people are stillaren’t very excited about this and I youneed like a bowel a cup[Music]okay that[Music]that’s okay okay next ingredient issugar so you do buy that and you needabout a cup sugar because in the recipeI was saying grams but we have totranslate it intoan egg now it makes it is until it’slike Joe[Music][Music]and I already preheated my oven which ishandy so I can just put them in nextstep is you need to put them in for 12minutes but I’m gonna use your clubbecause I kind of severe pot things okayso now sit there in this step your timerfor taste – okay so I got her here itdoesn’t look so bad but I bet you itsmells amazingmmm dad it was like the best thing everso if you guys caught time make thesethey’re so good oh my gosh yeah I’mgonna finish this but you guys make thisokay so I think I’m gonna end the videohere but I had a lot of fun making thisvideo I’ll probably make more like thisbut yeah thank you guys so much forwatching don’t forget to subscribe andbye

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