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Aunt Nette’s No Bake Cookies

Meet Bella and learn how to make No Bake Cookies

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Video Transcription

good afternoon welcome back to forevermost farms we’re excited to share withyou today one of our very favoriterecipesmy aunt Annette who lives in BethelSprings Tennessee it’s kind of famousfor these nobody chocolate oatmealpeanut butter cookies and when we had arecent visit there she taught grace howto make them and me tooso she’s taught me a few times and so wehope that we don’t disappoint todaywe’ll give you a few of her tipsdirectly from her this moment thisafternoon um so we’re gonna go ahead andget started we’ve gotten a head start onthe recipe just to make things simple ifyou visit our website ahead and getstarted the first ingredients that wehave in these cookies we’ve already putinto this pan we’re gonna turn this onmedium-high heat so this is a half astick of butter and a half a stick ofmargarine and this is an importantsecret that aunt Annette says is thatyou’ve got to use a half of each and sowe’ve also melted in here two cups ofregular white sugar as well as a half acup of cocoa powder and so this wealways use pen zis cocoa powder it’s ourvery favorite it’s super rich and superdelicious if you haven’t tried pen ziswe highly recommend them you can see theother ingredients here we’re gonna beadding some peanut butters and vanillaand some oats as well as some milk weactually have already added a half a cupof milk into this and so we’re lettingthat heat up now and while that’sheating we want to shareor to talk about Opie love it we alljust think of that as a food it’ssomething we use for breakfast put somebrown sugar and that we love it right sooatmeal is actually a type of flour andso if you if you want to follow alonghere you can do that on our websiteoatmeal is a type of coarse flour madefrom hold oak grains so it actuallygrows grain out in the field and thenit’s harvested and then once it’sharvested its milled in different waysand so some people like it ground realfine the oats that we use in thesecookies the fond ground is actuallybetter this is probably not the perfectkind but if you use wedding oats youprobably have heard of those or your momcertainly have then that’s the very besttime that you can use for this you canalso get it steel-cut you can get itrolled and so this we’re just using thequick oats today just for simplicitysake and so that’s our word of the dayso what we’re gonna do right now is letthis come to a boil and as that’s comingto a boil what we want to do is beginonce it comes to a boil we’re going toadd in our peanut butter and our vanillaso the recipe technically calls foryou’ll see the bubbles they’re startingright there the recipe technically callsfor a half a cup of peanut butter banthat says that you should make thatthree quarter cups so just load it upwith the peanut butter that makes itdelicious so we’re gonna let that cometo a boil and we’re gonna stir this fortwo minutes stirring it constantly sowe’re just gonna set our timer herewe’re gonna go two minutes and we’ll letthat do its magic while we’re lettingthat do its work I want to go ahead andwe want to introduce you to one of ouranimals here at the farm so Stevenyou’ll keep watching Gracie herewas she supposed to put the peanutbutter in it she actually found us andwe adopted her when we moved into thefarm about 18 months ago she is a sweetkitten she is normally an outside catbut on rainy days like this she likes tocome inside and so we like to let her dothat so I’ll go ahead and put her downbut we definitely shared a video of ourfriend Elaine she is a nurse okay so weare close now we have a great debatehere at our house between Jess andSkippy and Peter Pan and between crunchyand smooth this recipe is a little bitbetter with smooth peanut butter butcrunchy is my favorite so grace is goingto stir that in I’m also going to add ateaspoon ofthese vanilla that’s our favorite wellit’s our favorite for now we’re makingour own homemade vanilla that it’s notquite ready yet it is being made as wespeak it looks like that’s the end ofthe pen ZZZ so one teaspoon there andonce that melts a little bit and we aregoing to add in our oats and the recipecalls for 2 cups of oats we’re gonna seewhat the texture looks like and you canadd up to 3 cups of oats depending onthe texture that you’re looking forthere so we’ll go ahead and start with 2these are the easiest cookies you makethem right on the stove you don’t haveto bake them that’s why they’re calledno bake cookies it’s one of my favoritethings for my childhood and if you’veever been to a Hurst family event thenyou have definitely had these if youhaven’t we hope you have we’re veryexact measuresso you want to get the texture justright in here are you looking for it tobe thick Grace and gooey butter cake wethought that was appropriate today andyou just spoon it out with whatever sizecookie that you want and you let it coolyou can even pop them in therefrigerator and that helps the processso a lot of people actually prefer toeat them warm which I do you I’d love tojust eat a bowl full of this but theyare all so delicious once they cool youcan pop them in the refrigerator andkeep them for a few days hours neverlast that long so that’s it that’s itthose aren’t nipsso we’ve already talked about the wordof the day today now we want to talkabout this day in history so again ifyou go to our website you’ll be able tosee our little cheat sheet where you cansee our this day in history so a coupleof important things happened this day inhistory in 1918 were yesterday we talkedabout nineteen ninety minutes when aking cole was born in 1918 that is whenUS Congress established Tom Demming townand the town zones and so that’s whendaylight savings time became a thing andI know some people don’t love that welove it here at the farm because we getdaylight later in the day and we cancontinue to work a little bit later alsosomething that happened in 1962 BobDylan released his first album titledBob Dylan and that really leads us intoour song of the day today which we’regoing to end with and I’m gonna actuallytake a few minutes to share the lyricsto this song because it’s one of ourvery favorites and I think right nowbased on where we are in the great whiteworld it’s an important message that wecould all stand to hear so I’m gonnatake a couple of minutes and read youthe lyrics the title of the song isForever Young may God bless and keep youalways may your wishes all come true mayyou always do for others and let othersdo for you may you build a ladder to theStars and climb every room may you stayforever young may you grow up to berighteous may you grow up to be true mayyou always know the truth and see thelight surrounding you may you always becourageous stand upright and be strongmay you stay forever young may yourhands always be busy may your feetalways be Swift may you have a strongfoundation when the winds of changesshift may your heart always be joyfuland may your song always be sung may youstay forever young so we thought thatwas timely for today we hope that you’lldo your part to spread a little joytoday just like our mission here on thefarm and we hope that you’ll enjoy theseamazing cookies have a great day

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