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🔴Painting My Nails, Baking Cookies, Soap Making, Cook With Me Pasta Bake, Eid, Countryside Walk Vlog

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Some of what I’ve got up to this week.
I bake cookies from a Poundland mix kit, make soap and paint my nails at home, celebrate Eid with a movie (which didn’t work out) a takeaway, and a drive and walk to a big lovely open countryside space.
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Video Transcription

so I was about to make this but it’s outof date I haven’t had it that long Ibrought it from home so I’m not gonna beable to test that out but I do have thisand thankfully that’s still in date soI’m gonna make that okay so I’m justgonna turn the oven on 180 so it needs15 ml of water I’ve got these the careacute manner so it’s this one here justplug everything in and then we’re goingto mix Live Together serves eight overhere I haven’t made cookies before Ithink I’ve made them once in schoolyears and years and years ago like Ican’t even remember but the only reasonI know I made them is because I have anold school recipe I should do one ofthose cakes just for like the memoriesokay so here’s my mixture I had to addin a little bit more water than it saidbecause it just wasn’t happiness gooeymixed effect it was just all crumbs soyeah this is ready now to cook in theoven just checking my jaws and I don’thave the grease proof paper here Iwasn’t coming up for you I was coming upto get grease proof paper because it’sin the art room here it is why do I havethis in my craft room because I craftmore than I bake so I have no idea howmuch you meant to him into basically potand I don’t know if that’s too much Idon’t know if the shape is all right youneed to give them a lot of space inbetween each one andthis case is gonna make eight so we’llsee I’ll just spoon them and then makethem bigger if I need I guess that onelooks more like anyways these two Ireally small I mean look about where’sthatoh that’s enough space between them onetwo three four five I only have like notfour sixmaybe I have done them too big oh okayso we need to bake this in the middle ofthe oven for 10 to 12 minutes this ishow the cookies are looking I’m gonnalet them cook longer I mean that’sthat’s just so not done yet and I’vealready gone over five minutes spaceit’s how the cookies he’ll come outquite happy with them this one isn’tthat great but the rest are quite niceso today’s eight that’s why I have bakedsome cookies and we have ordered from arestaurant this is the first time inmonths like before the month down yeah Icould not even remember that’s a bit ofthe cookie batter there this is a mangolassi this is a meat biryani this wantedto meet briyaniand this one is a chicken biryani andthen we put some salad and we’re justtrying to find a movie me excuse that soyeah there’s a lot of restaurants aren’ttaking orders I don’t know if it’sbecause of Eid or if it was because ofcovet and like I said we haven’t orderedfor so long so it’s just such a nicetreat because I’ve been cooking for Idon’t know how many days and it’s justnice to you know have food served foryou and this is the meat Brioniit’s got like an egg or a few eggs Isisin there as well can’t wait to eat it welooked for a moviefor so long and then we finally foundone but it wasn’t any good so yeah wedidn’t really get to watch a movie inthe end just wise so in my last video Idid a hole where part of why were thesenail varnishes and I decided today I’mbasically going to give myself a bit ofTLC and try to apply some nail varnishbecause it’s been years since I’ve donethat so wish me luck you all gave me abit of tips in the comments so hopefullyit doesn’t go too badly I mean it seemsfairly easy but whenever I say that myvideos just basically fail so juststarted off with a bit of lotion andthis is something I brought some parentwhich actually works really really wellmy sister actually told me about this sothen I went and bought one and monthsago so let me just get it out of thewrapper so I don’t know what comes firstum okay I think maybe shine would comelast I think um I really don’t know whatto go with us okay I decided to go withfoil so I’m just going to shape my nailsget ittle bit I genuinely can grow mynails really quickly but I don’t likethem to be long so I always just cutthem basicallyand then I’m gonna go with BA like Ihave no idea what I’m gonna do with thatbut I’m just gonna do like the whole ofthe nail and then I’m going to go assmooth now can see it really actuallymakes it shine look at that and wehaven’t even done shine yet that’sactually just smooth and now I’m goingto finish off with shine Wow look atthat you don’t even need to paint yournails that’s so goodhow does this work is there likesomething on this and a nice beautifullook at that that’s amazingyour difference you know what I need todo this more oftenI just love it look at the tan comparedto this hand I can’t stop feeling themthey feel just so nice I really need tojust take the time out for myself and dothis more often I feel like I don’t evenneed to paint my nails but we’re gonnado it because it’s been so long and Ithink I deserve a treat so you can seeit’s brand newthis was for Morrison’s I’m just somessy I feel like I’d rather have neatnails like this than to um basically dida really bad job how did you put yourhands down[Music][Music]okay sound done now but I just feel likeI haven’t done a good job that’sdefinitely a lot have I need to clean updon’t feel like it saves meoh well it’s done now but I’m gonna waitfor this to dry and then try and cleanit up I got these from power land so I’mgoing to be trying them I’ve had it forsome time so I’m finally going to putthem to some useI’ve tried one of these before play wasa Korean brand and I actually came fromcareer so I watched it online and I’veonly ever tried this full pack that oneso I’m not sure how these are gonna turnout because it’s got tea tree andpeppermint and also it’s from pound andOh ho-hothose are some big feet I’m on in sizefan I’m probably gonna come up to lighthere and then when you open it upbasically the two are stuck togetherlike this you just rip it in half it’sso cold I think this is really nice likeif you’ve had a long day shopping orworking on your feet just come homeslap these on your feet and it’s just sosoothingoh it says to leave it on for 15 to 20minutes I’m doing this just before bedso I’m going to lie in bed basically andkeep these on and then just remove thembefore I sleep yeah it doesn’t just havepeppermint in there and tea tree it’sgot quad love all the different thingswhich are all really good oh and helikes my so Mingo PJs I got theseGeorge as stuff like six pounds sevenpounds anyway I am going to head off tobed now and I’ll see you guys tomorrowdo you eat any quiche make sure youleave this because I can’t came up withany hack which I kind of inventedbasically a meal and it’s not one of thefamily’s favorites so you’re going toneed this and I use my airfryer I use itfor like everything whenever I make foodeveryone’s kind of surprised at all thethings I do my airfryer the other thingyou’re going to need is a jar of sauceyou can also use some leftover sauce sowhen I first made I was actually comingup with the idea to make use of a bit ofsauce I had left I just basically boughtall the scraps together and made a newmeal and generally I don’t use JA saucesignored nails like this is already thisis how they are basically alreadythey’ve just got destroyed and this iswhy I don’t wear nail varnish itliterally lasts it a couple of hours asI was saying I don’t generally use JAsauces this is the only one I use and Idefinitely recommend it and typicallywhen I used are sources I make my own ontop of it so I’ll use just about thismuch just to give it some extra flavorwhereas this time round I used just thesauce basically oh you’re going to boilsome pasta and you’re going to need abig mixing bowl just so you can makesomething in there so first you’re goingto pull your pasta in and then I’m goingto put some feta cheese in but that’sjust optional and you want to createlike your own white cheesy sauce so youcan use a Jaa’s but I don’t have that sothis is what I use instead you do need alot depending on how much pasta you haveand this is low-fat so even healthierthen you’re just going to mix it all inso it’s not just one big clumpand honestly this is already reallytasty that’s without adding the sauceokay so now I’m gonna open the jar andplace a little bell then and then mix itall in I’m gonna see if I have to putthem all in or it might be enough nowI’m gonna bring the foil back and whatyou’re going to do is just take a spoonand spoon some pasta in until of courseyou fill it up and then we’re going tosprinkle some cheese on top if you wantI don’t have I’m going to choose on topbut you can also have the low-fatversions as well just for healthyoptions I’m in the middle of making thefood and this happens okay so here it isand that’s it you’re done you just gotto put it in the airfryer now I forgotoh that’s in thereokay well that’s why having tier offries is handyokay so matches and I put it on 160 for10 minutes and there you go as simple asthatit’s done I hope that someone tries toout and loves it as much as we do youknow with cats you can spend so muchmoney on toys and really expensive stuffand they just don’t like that kind ofstuff they like the simplest thingslittle fluffy thing and I got this like99p from China including postage andthis is one of his favorite games and ifyou can you lazy cats um this isprobably something they would love we’regoing to be doing soap making so to makeyour soap I mean it’s already madeyou’re pretty much dressed you know umpersonalizing them so of course you openthis upyou cut it to size email Tia you justpour it I mean how simple is thatso I’ve got this old pan and I use thisfor candle making and things like thatokay I’m gonna start by cutting the soapso that’s how much we’re going for and Ithink I’m going to go with this acid redso I’m going to mix everything in thereso that it melts one two three four andto add scent I am using essential oilsand lavender I’m going to add 6 drops sonow I’m just letting that melt on lowheat I’m just going to put in some driedflowers this is bit of baby’s breath Iput in some coloring and I completelyforgot that I actually wanted it to beclear so if you want flowers to show upthen go with a clear just as it is and Ihave to be really careful with thisbecause it’s super super hot and I’vegot some more left so I’ll pour it intothis mold okay so now it’s time to getthis up out of the moldI was quite happy with how mine came outyou can see the dried flowers on thisside they just float up that’s why but Ithink because this isn’t too thick youcan see some of the detailing there fromthe flowers so I do think you know itstill did add something to it I am quitehappy with how they’ve come out and itwas so so fun making them because welllike I like this side I don’t know itjust reminds me of a honey and then youcan see the flowers more and these justmakes that wonderful gift they’re reallyreally do we’ve just come out for adrivelook at the beautiful view this iscalled frankly beaches this water overthere really nice and quiet and in thisarea there’s a really nice might view aswell cuz it’s beautiful blue skiesreally open which is definitely socialdistancingyou

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