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如何做德國餅乾.How to make German spritz cookies

麵粉1000公克.糖400公克.butter500公克.椰子粉絲200公克泡打粉2小匙.肉桂粉2小匙.香草精2小匙.蛋4個。 把所有材料混合均匀.用稀博紙包裝好.放在冰箱30分鐘,之後拿出來,用挍肉器附帶有餅乾模式的來壓擠餠乾。放在烤箱烤350度華氏15-18分鐘。flour1000 grams.sugar400grams.butter500grams.coconut shredded 200grams, baking powder 2 teaspoons,cinnamon 2 teaspoons,vanilla extract 2teaspoons and 4 eggs. Mix all ingredients well, refrigerated 30 min, then use meat grinder attach special forms to make cookies. Bake cookies 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 15-18 min.

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