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What to do with your starter now that you’re making bread

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Video Transcription

hello i’m backso i just finished the videofor the first stretch and fold andincorporating the starter and the saltso i’m going to just set this to thesidenow we need to put ourstarter in this container and back inthe fridgefor the next time like i don’t know ifit’s going to be a weekor a couple days for me but i never willleave it longer than a weekjust because it needs to stay active andit’sreally old starter and i don’t want tolose it soyou’re going to turn on your scale weighitwear jar zero it outokay and then you’re gonna scoopall of your starter in thereand you don’t need to keep very muchstarted at alli actually am going to bulk mineup umprobably tomorrow so i can give some outto heather and robinit’s very difficult to get it off it’sso stickysmells so good though and this stuff isgreatlike umsometimes if you have extra starterand you’re gonna feed it you take someout right then you feed it with freshflour and water well then you canput the stuff instead of throwing itaway into a frying pan with some oliveoiland some toppings and make it like astarter fry bed fry excuse me fry breadpancakeit’s delicious so i have uh 65 gramshereit’s pretty good um i’m going to leaveit for nowbecause i’m going to like i said bulk itup lateri’m going to zero it out but what i’mgoing to dois i’m going to addflour25 grams of flour25 grams of wateroh that’s perfect 25 gramsokay of course i’ve got i don’t haveenough water in here i don’t thinkokaya little bit too much water but that’sall rightjust going to mix it up really wellmake sure there’s no flourso 25 grams flour 25 grams of waterso whatever starter you have leftmy starter originally started as50 grams of starter 100 grams of flour100 grams of water and then i used 150gramsof it when i was active and bubbly formy bread rightand this one is just gonna go back inthe fridge once i fully incorporate iton hereit’s beautifulokay some people let it sit out and getactive and bubblyi do not i just go ahead andput the lid onand put it in the fridge voilaokay bye

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