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Sunday Bread Bake Day!

Nicholas did a great job today helping me in the kitchen baking bread. Johnny made some brownies and helped patch up Rocky’s injured toe. Shannon and I took a beautiful bike ride on the Fire Island inlet. There was a lot of pressure at the end of the day, but Nick liked the bread and didn’t give it to Rocky. Great day!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]so YouTube has this stat page which ispretty interesting it shows all kinds ofdifferent statistics one of the things Ilook at a lot is the subscriber countwhich is going up very nicely we’re attwo thousand five hundred and twentyfive and you know just a month ago wehad I don’t know if three hundred or sobut one of the other statistics thatjust caught my eye this morning is thenumber of views in the last 28 dayswhich is at ninety seven thousand threehundred which is pretty coolclose it in on a hundred thousand viewsfor the last 28 days so that’s prettyawesome thank you so much everyone firstthing in our nice job a little more todo there’s a few more steps you misterhey are you doing where are you goingbracelet there you go fixed alright nowwe’re gonna put our salt and sugar inthere – excellent job good joball right Nick hold on hold on don’twear that in there just wanna showeverybody you see how the CL looks allfoamy on top it looks kind of bubblythat means the yeast is ready get pouredin there pour the whole thing in therehandsome great job you’re left there docthere isI forgot we got to put a little bit morewater in there all right we have all thestuff in for a bread do you wanna do youwant to turn the machine on yes and getit all mixed up come on let’s do itlet’s go come on handsomeyou gotta come over here to do it yesvery good turn that that locks it greatoh my goodness you know what to do howdo you know that mommy showed you how todo that that’s brilliant buddy great jobexcellentwhoo look at it go it’s gonna be veryexciting[Music]do you want to come put this in theplease it’s fun to watch it spin whathappened what happened on for pain hedoesn’t even see oh yeah oh no he justbusted that just now I must have caughtit on something yeah you just want himhere just one outside for a little enjoythe road by themselves where they justopen up the gate back there before Ithink about four walls cowboy oh thatbecause I have the chairs thereblockhead boy push that awayalright no harm no foul all right Nickyyou stay here with John you’re gonnastay here with Johnny mom you’re notgonna go for a bike ride tips how highdo you want to zip it does it fitanother inch there you go okayI’d Nick I love you buddy see you later[Music]rightwanna help me make the bread what areyou doing you hiding from me what areyou doing there is where’s Nicky where’sNicky chip are you doing you makingbrownies huhnice I have a great idea I think foreveryone go make some coffee yesJohnny’s making brownies we’re gonnahave Italian bread what do you thinkwhat do you think Nick should we havesome coffeeNicky sit on the couch what do you think[Music][Music]they all thought you need a break nouptime excuse me make sure you want toyou want to come over here and help memake the bread Nicholas Nick James comeover here give me a hand handsome NickNick help me are you feeling crankytoday a little bit cranky you’re nothappy happy okay I’m sorry it’s okayyou’re allowed to be crankyNick Nick Nicholas trees all you have todo is take it and put it in the pan justlike that can I do that for me what doyou thinkat least he has manners no thank youin here it’s got a rise againno thanks t-shirt thank you you said acutest stuff when I have the camera whoaI could have been a shower right thereoh thank youhow’s it going mister how are you yesNick you don’t want that doggy botheringyou get outta here get outta here toomuch love yeah leave him alone leave himalone go away come on come on puppiessorry sorry Nick all right Nick thebread just has to get a little bitbigger and it’s gonna go in the ovenwhat do you think mister my son younailed the brownies big time yeah Nickif you want some ice cream with thatokay all right good job good talkingNick[Music]no Ice Agethank you fo scoopers default sign abovesonic blue sonic blue movie it’s in yourroom this is definitely the best brandof store full of brownies man what doyou think please use your school Nicky[Music]good job buddyokay that’s a good job good job Nickright hereit’s gonna get brain freeze if he putsthat whole thing let’s cut that a littlebit smaller maybe oh that’s beautifulhas long oh my god golden you kidding methat’s magnificent I mean nice job shadbeautiful it’s a great way cuz I canchange them as frequently as I wantthere are only ten dollars that’s veryexciting I love themnice job take away hostage spider-manokay great I love itbeautiful what do you think about thenew pillowcases Kierahey baby rocky what do you think what’dyou think about the new pillowcaseshandsome thank god this dog your armsare so long don’t scratch this pleasedon’t scratch the couch do you want somebread and sauce well you go in the wrongway then you please try the bread I’vebeen waiting all day try the bread paincome on the moment of truth you betternot give it to rocky – Nicholas are yougonna eat the bread and sauce eating Ineed to know if you like it or yeahhow’s it smell it smells good smellsright that’s not a good sign and lets itrest in the ball can I see you taste thebread pleaseoh there we gois it good yes it is passing the tastetestwinning yes that’s really close[Music]Niki very sick goodbye look at methank god bless you we love you we’llsee you next timesee you next time[Music][Music]you

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