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Weber SMOKEFIRE🔥! Smoked Sourdough Bread. Cooked a Loaf, 100% on the SmokeFire with a Baking Steel!

Inspired by Cooking Joe Foods Youtube channel, and because we’ve been messing with sourdough for the past year and a half, we decided to attempt baking our own sourdough rustic loaf of bread all on the Weber SmokeFire, using a Baking Steel and inverted dutch oven.

Cooking Joe Foods – Sourdough Bread:


100g mature sourdough starter
150g Bread Flour
50g Whole Wheat Flour
170 grams water warmed to ~80 degrees F

650g Bread Flour
100g Spelt
150g Whole Wheat Flour
100g All-Purpose Flour
20g Salt (Diamond Crystal)
250g levain
800g lukewarm water

1) Preheat Baking Steel and dutch oven in Weber SmokeFire at 475F.
2) Bake Bread on Steel and cover with inverted dutch oven for 20 minutes at 475F
3) Remove dutch oven and place bread directly on grate
4) Smoke until internal temp reaches 210F (about 20 minutes) at 450F
5) Set and let cool on rack for ~1 hour

I recommend serving with softened butter, smoked salt, and fresh cracked pepper (course grind)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hey this is Rob with Rena drop clickagain and this time we’re gonna take apage from cooking gel foods YouTube andtry our hand at making a sourdoughrustic loaf 100% on the Weber smoke fireand using a baking steel as well as aDutch oven so I’m gonna start by makingour Levein Anna Levine is pretty much anoffshoot of your wild sourdough starterinstead of using commercial uses andthere’s a lot of benefits which we’llget to but first I just microwave somewater for about 15 seconds add that toyour mature sourdough starter add alittle bit of bread flour andall-purpose flour and just for fulldisclosure I’m pretty new to this I’veonly been maintaining a starter forabout a year and a half but I reallyfind it fun exact measurements will bein our description so once that’s allincorporated you kind of want to mix itby hand that lets you get familiar withthe feel of how things should be whenyou’re baking once you’ve got thatreally mixed together and incorporatedyou’ll see that it’s already starting toform you want to add that to the ovenand because my house was a little coolerI’ve turned on the oven light to kind ofkeep a pretty good ambient temperature475 degrees Fahrenheit while you’reLavigne is rising you want to start toput your flour together about a thousandtotal grams of flour I use majority ofthe King Arthur bread flour because ithas high protein content a little bit ofall-purpose flour some spelt flour ifyou have it and then some whole wheatflour to add some grains and flavorafter that measure out your levainyou’ll have some extra that you can dosome things withabout 600 grams of water and as you cantell this container wasn’t big enough soI had to switch over to the quartcontainer by the way I highly recommendthese you can reuse them forever inmicrowave them freeze them and use themas instead of Tupperware for bringingyour lunch to workthey’re also stackable in your fridge soI can’t recommend them enough I’ll put alink in my description add the waterdirectly to your mature Levein I like todo that because it just starts to spreadthe starter out a little bit more andjust makes it easier to incorporate onceyou start to add the dry flour so getyour hands in there again and mix it tryto get it evenly dispersed throughoutthe water and then you know just add aquarter at a time your flour mixture andagain just begin to need to use yourhands once it starts to come togetheradd more flour I’ve used only about 75%of the total water that I’m going to usein this recipe if it starts to feel alittle dry feel free to add a little bitmore water but make sure you reserve youknow anywhere from 10 to 20 grams ofwater when you add your salt later inthe process[Music]that all needed up and once it starts topull away from the sides of the bowl Ilike to shape it into a ball and thencover it with some plastic wrap or toweland just let that rest for a little bitso the water is able to fully hydratethough after that move it over to aclean bowl and then cover for another 30minutesas you can see it starts to look fullyhydrated now I’m measuring out my saltwhich is about 2% of the total weight ofthe flour that you’ve added so in thiscase 1,000 grams of flour 20 grams ofsalt and I preferred diamond Christifeel better in the end to be able tospread and probably evenly seasons untilbetter[Music]add the remaining water with your saltyou just kind of try not to tear yourdough but try to incorporate it bypinching it and squeezing it you don’twant to tear because you’re building thegluten once it’s all incorporated hasabsorbed the salt water then you want todo your first set of folds I like tojust moisten up my hands a little you’regonna do one side I like to just pick itup in the front let it fold on to itselfdo the opposite side and then do theremaining two sides top of that and thendo the remaining two sides after that[Music]once you get that done cover it and youwant to repeat that every 30 minutes fortwo hours you’ll see that it starts tocome togethermore and more and strengthen each timeyou do it starts to get a smootherexterior every 30 minutes you check themin and when you fold that it just helpsreinforce that start to see some bubblesand that shows you that your dough isgetting stronger here’s my last fold andas you can tell it’s really smooth atthis point and pretty strongonce you get to this point you start tosee some bubbles on the exterior againand it looks really smooth and let itrise at room temperature for five hoursbut what they call bulk ferment and youshould be able to do the windowpane testlike this boil up your hands and give ita try if it doesn’t rip that’s a prettygood sign and your dough strong enoughto give you a good crumb which is theholes in your bread[Applause]after its fully rested and is strongenough you might need to go more thanfive hours less depends on the ambienttemperature when you’re home dump itonto a table and then divide it in halfwith my dough and you can see thatimported so it it was upside down so Iflip over each side and then just kindof pre shape it using a scraper and justkind of roll it toward you so it formssomewhat of a ball and that’s called preshaping let that rest for about thirtyminutes under a towel so it doesn’t dryout and then now I’m doing the fullshaping here’s an example of how I liketo do it kind of form it like anenvelope on the sides you can do thebottom first and then the sides but kindof wrap it like a baby and then bringthe top all the way over everyone doesit differently again I’m still anamateur so this is just the way I do itonce it’s kind of rolled should feelpretty Airy I like to gently turn itover and lay it in a Benetton[Music]after you’ve add it to the basket I liketo put it in a plastic bag becauseyou’re gonna have this in yourrefrigerator overnight or what they callcold from it and the dough will rise alittle bit so you want to add some airto it before you wrap it up thatprevents it from touching the top of thebag and it allows it to rise and proof[Music]so the next morning unwrap your dough Ilike to let it proof while I get thatgrill started I’m setting the webricksmoke fire to 500 degrees Fahrenheitchecking my pellets to make sure I’vegot enough to go because it’s gonna beblasting at pretty high heat I have mybaking still to the grate and yes I didpinch myself a little bit and add yourDutch oven and let that get all heatedup together the baking steel helps theDutch oven stay attemptafter its fully heated let that chillfor a little bit I’m adding a greatprobe to check the temperature of thegrapeonce it we just temp go ahead and moveyour Dutch oven off of your baking steeland place the bread seam side downremove any excess flour as much aspossible and score it however you likeI wasn’t thinking here and just did an XI Yi do the square type of score did youget more crusted once you got that doneimmediately put the Dutch oven over it Iput it upside down I did notice a littlebit of a discrepancy on the probe hereas you can tell the probe was a lothotter than what my grill was readingprobably because it was really close tothe big news deal after 20 minutesyou’ve done the initial rise go aheadand take it off the baking steel becauseit’s gonna be probably overly hot put itdirectly on the grate to continuesmoking for another 20 or so minutesuntil the internal temperature reachesabout 210 do into 11 degrees internallyonce that’s done go ahead and check onit and pull it it will be steaming outso be carefuland the results are pretty amazingactually didn’t think it would turn outthis great to be honest bottom is alittle burnt but that’s a little bit ofadded flavor a little bit bitter butstill it looks pretty greatit rose pretty well as you can see thesplit opened up and that sound isperfect kind of want that hollow soundthat indicates a pretty well fluffybread for the crusty exterior and afluffy interior crumb is not that openbut it’s not badit’s pretty decent and I kind of like itthis way anyway since you can eat it asis or even use it for sandwich don’thave any of the stuffing is falling outbut a lot of people who make breadrecommend that you rest it a day so allthe moisture can work its way to thecrust but I think after an hour ofresting it’s perfect still warm add alittle bit of softened butterMaldon salt if you have it in this caseI use smoked salt to kind of bring outthe smokiness and some fresh crackedpepperthat to me is heaven laughs and I thinkI’ll take another bite listen to thesound of that crunchoh well Who am I kidding I’m just gonnaeat this thing and here’s the obligatoryeating shot demonstrating how good thisthing is it’s crusty it’s nutty saltypeppery a hint of smokiness the smokecomes more through with the aroma andthen it does that to a flavor but manthis turned out pretty decent that’sjust as good as yes I did itin my oven maybe with the exception ofthe burnt bass but there’s ways to fixthat like adding an oven pan on thesecond part of the cook so while Ibutter up another slice for myself ifyou liked the video please like thevideo and subscribe to our Channelwe’ll continue posting some videorecipes for you hope to see you againsoonthanks for watching[Music]

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